Exodus II - The Revival

  • 220 선수 Double Elimination  
  • Super Smash Flash 2  
  • July 21, 2018 at 3:00 PM CDT  
  • 체크 인: 닫힘  
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WITH HEAVY HELP FROM SSF2 Latin community AND SSF2 Galaxy staff

CHATROOM(SSF2 Galaxy): https://discord.gg/kKQmhz3

Stream:  https://mixer.com/doqk

If you want your matchs to be streamed, save the replays and upload them as attachments on your challonge match. Please label your replays clearly with the names of the players and the number of the set.

1st: $40.00
2nd: $30.00
3rd: $20.00
4th: $10.00
5th: $5.00

Total prize pot: $110 for main bracket 

You must have a paypal account in order to receive your prize, contact me after the tournament in order to recieve your prize.

Also, anyone caught cheating (PTC, Bracket manipulation, ect.), or using an alternative account to bypass seeding, is not eligible for prizes.

Tournament Info

The tournament will begin on Saturday July 21st, at approximately 1:00 PST/4:00 EDT. Anyone who fails to check in by  1:00 PST/4:00 EDT will be dropped from the tournament. Anyone who checks in, yet fails to show up to their first match within 20 minutes of the tournament's beginning will be dropped to losers. (That goes for 99% of you randos and top players out there who don't bother to show up ever. You know who you are.) Anyone who fails to show up within another 10 minutes from that point will be disqualified entirely. Seeding is based on the Flash Collective Rankings. Those who rank outside of the top 100 will be reverse seeded. Those who do not currently have a ranking will be randomly seeded following the ranked players.

Super Smash Flash 2 Rules:

* 4 Stocks, 8 minutes

* Items disabled

* Hazards disabled

* All mods are banned. Knuckles, Zero, you name it. Anyone caught using mods will be blacklisted from future events.

* All matches are best of 3, except for the Winners Semis, 2nd set of Losers Quarters, Losers Semis, Losers Finals, Winners Finals, and Grand Finals (top 5 sets) which are best of 5. 




            Dracula's Castle

            Pokémon Colosseum


            Tower of Salvation



            Final Destination


            Yoshi's Story

1 post-game ban for the winner in a best of 3, 0 post-game bans in a best of 5

Set Procedure

    * Port priority is decided via the flip of a coin using bot commands. If both players agree on port, this step can be skipped. For any subsequent match after Game 1, the loser of the previous match may choose to counterpick port if they desire so.
    * The players will go to #coin-flip in the chat and do ?flipcoin in order to decide who hosts. Call heads or tails basically.

    * Players will double-blind pick their first characters.

    * Players will use the 1-2-1 striking system to determine which neutral stage to use for the first game. The player who's hosting the room will strike first.

    * For all subsequent games, the winning player will strike ONE stage (in a best of 3, NO BANS IN A Bo5)from the list above and the losing player will counterpick from the remaining stages. The winner will then announce their character, followed by the loser.

    * In the case of a nullified game, the winner of the previous non-nullified game will strike, and the loser will counterpick.

    * A player cannot counterpick a stage if they previously won on it during the same set.

    * Gentleman's Clause is in effect. Any stage may be chosen if both players agree to it.

* Colourblind Clause: Any recolor that blends with the stage is discouraged for the sake of visibility, including Dark Skins in conjunction with disabled Stage Backgrounds or barely different palette swaps in the case of a ditto. Players may reset a match without penalty if they wish for a color change. Taking or dealing damage nullifies this right. Additionally, Ghost Ness is banned entirely.


    * Stalling is banned and will result in the forfeiture of the current game being played. Stalling is defined as intentionally delaying the game as to make it unplayable. This includes:

        * Excessively going under and around a stage for purposes other than recovery, AKA scrooging

        * Continuing an infinite combo/chaingrab past 300%

        * Using invincibility/intangibility glitches, including but not limited to Edge Cancelled Spot Dodges, to remain invincible/intangible for more than 30 seconds at a time.

        * Using freeze glitches to freeze you or your opponent's character. This includes, but is not limited to Donkey Kong's cargo throw freeze glitch.

    * Stalling does not include planking, nor hanging around in the air, as both of these strategies can be countered.

* Pac-Man's Key Jacket, Orange Jacket, etc, (item jacketing with Pac in general) glitch is banned. Usage will result in a match loss.


    * If the players desynch, the game will be replayed on the same stage with the same characters. In the case where at least one stock was lost before the desynch, both players will start the game with the same number of stocks that they had at the time of the desynch. If an argument arises over desynching, a TO will determine if the game should be nullified. If a TO finds that one player intentionally throws a game in an attempt to emulate a desynch, they will immediately advance their opponent, regardless of the current score. If there is no replay information, a TO will make a judgment based on past behavior of both participants.

    * If severe lag issues occur, the offending player will play with the graphics tuned to the lowest possible setting.

    * If the players still lag, either player may request a speedtest, in which both participants will test their respective connections. To be considered valid, this action must be taken before the second game is started. If a player's result is considered unsuitable for competitive play, they will be disqualified from the match. If player connection speed is not the issue, they will have the option to play a game with reduced stocks and time. Depending on how bad it is, they may play with 3 stocks, 7 minutes; 2 stocks, 5 minutes; or 1 stock, 3 minutes.

        * To be considered unsuitable, one of the following must apply:

            * The player has less than 10Mb/s upload AND download speed.

            * The player has less than 6Mb/s upload OR download speed.

    * If the players desynch twice on one game, it is considered "nullified" and will not count against either player.

        * If the players are unable to successfully connect with each other after three attempts, the player with the better connection will advance. To make things simple, we will use speedtest to determine the winner. In this case, it does not matter if both players have a good connection. The better connection will move on, no matter what.

        * If the source of the lag is unable to be determined, or if both players lag equally, the player with the higher seed will advance.

    * If a set takes longer than 35 minutes (or 50 minutes for a bo5), it is up to a TO's discretion as to who advances. If this occurs because of lag, the player who has a better connection will advance, regardless of the current results of the set. This is a warning to all of you people out there who attempt to compete with a toaster on dial-up connection.

Other Rules

    * If time runs out, the person with the most stocks left wins. If both players have an equal number of stocks, whoever has a lower percentage wins. If the percentage is also equal, play a 1-stock 3 minute match with the same characters on the same stage to determine the winner. Repeat as necessary.

    * If the match ends with both characters dying simultaneously when they are each on their last stock, the winner will be determined by the results screen.

    * If a player intentionally disconnects from their opponent during a game, it will count as a win for their opponent. The only exception to this rule is if a reset is necessary due to an error during the game's setup (wrong players, characters, stages, stock count, or time limit; hazards and items are not disabled; sudden death/waiting room glitch; etc.).

    * If the players unintentionally disconnect, the game is to be replayed with the same characters, stage, and stock counts.

     * If a player intentional tries to manipulate the bracket they will be blacklisted from the event and all future events. 

Blacklist of users that cannot attend:



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