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"Road to victory!"

  • 11 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Game not specified
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Hello dears players of our network “” and Visitors of our Website “RA2.IN”.

This Ad is about of our big event that we name it “Road to victory” and it will be celebrate on this May 20 at 15:00 [GMT]. We gladly invite you to be part of this event and enjoy this tournament. everyone is welcome to join to the event, no matter age or country.

To join the event just follow the this link:

If your Language is not Russian feel free to ask to any of our Admins to help you to register to the website and to the tournament.


15:00 [GMT]

To Sign in:

I-Post your Hamachi nick name.
II-Post your Hamachi Id numbers.


I. A good internet connection, at least 128 kbit/s, we recommend 256 kbit/s or higher.
II. Nothing to download, upload online during the match.
III. The nickname used in hamachi should be the same in the match.
IV. During the tournament turn off the extra room in the Hamachi network .


I. Insulting players in any form, even if you called them a rival “Newbie” it is considered an insult. Remarks will be punished for ignoring a player may be disqualified.
II. usege of teasing (F5-F12)
III. Using cheats, trainers, as well as any programs which give an advantage over an opponent is prohibited. The penalty for their use will be immediately disqualified and banned from the network.
IV. Use “engi rush”, that is, building engineer at the beginning or middle of the game and try to capture them or any of the base construction of the enemy.
V. It is forbidden to use any game bugs, such as such as the seizure of its buildings spy (spy own).
VII. On the map of oil rigs, it is forbidden to kill the enemy engineers going to capture the towers are close to the base of the opponent. That is, early in the game if the Map has Capture points, the commands given to a minute to capture them, if the engineer was “eaten up” by chance, the team will start again on the same map.


Isle of war.
Urban Rush.
Pich point.
Little big lake.
el dorado.
May day.
Cold war.
Cayon fodder.
South pacific.
Lake Blitzen.
Montana DMZ.
Artic circle.
Heck freezes Over.
Official tournament A.
Official tournament B.
Country Swing.


To go to next round:

I. Must win two of three matchs.
II. Must have an Obs.
III. Obs must never talk while the match.

Configuration for each Match:

Short Game: Yes
MCV Repacks: Yes (If both agree no then no)
Crates Appear: No
Super Weapon: No
Game Speed: 6
Credits: 10000
Unit Count: 0



최종 결과

최정상 챔피언: Moret
주목 받을 강자: Hocku
미래의 강자: Tony

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