SMITE Titans Cup - Crossplay Joust 3v3 #6

  • 6 Teams
  • Swiss
  • Smite
  • March 31, 2019 at 3:00 PM CEST
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The sixth SMITE Titans Crossplay Joust tournament! 

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This tournament is open for EU and NA. Preferred Region is EU (If NA plays vs. EU, it will be done on EU servers).

Matches will be casted LIVE on twitch.tv/todesbergtv!


Team name: GREEDY / Roster: Hulagy, DaV1nnci, Kochschinken

Team name: Die drei !!! / Roster: SuppLivesMatter, maggadu, SirRbn

Team name: Moons groom duo lane / Roster: Kiouh, Fleewy, Gasai Brezzion

Team name: The Cleanliness / Roster: Its Waycrez, EDT Zephir, Sk8 NaRuTo

Team name: 2 und a halber men / Roster: zlOwnedYou, Dekaya, MaestroDC

Team name: Profidaddler / Roster: iZerdox, Patti, Zaibro

Most Important Rules:

  • Platform: PC, XBOX ONE & Nintendo Switch (cross play platforms)
  • Map: Joust 3v3
  • Settings: 1500 Gold / Level 3
  • Picks: Draft-Joust
  • Autoban: -
  • Bonus Time: 90 Seconds
  • Pause: Normal
  • Check-In Discord: http://discord.gg/y9nwHWc

Please join the Discord Server and please be available in our check-in channel at 2:30 pm CEST on March 31st!


    1st Prize: 800 Gems per Player

    2nd Prize: 400 Gems per Player

    3rd Prize: 200 Gems per Player

    4th Prize: 100 Gems per Player

    5th - 8th Prize: 1x Enigma chest roll per Player

Set of Rules

1. Permissions
1.1 Requirements
1.1a Every player who is participating in this 3v3 tournament has to make sure that he/she read the rules. Violating these rules will result in punishment (4.7).
1.1b Every player has to play using  a valid SMITE account with level 30 or higher. 
1.1c Every team has to sign up three active players for this tournament. 
1.1d It's not permitted to sign up substitute players. More details: 3.3
1.1e Every team has to have a dedicated team captain who can be contacted by our tournament admins via Discord all the time. If no team captain is announced at check-in, the player who checks his team in will be the default captain.

1.2  Restrictions
1.2a Teams have to have an adequate team name. If admins decide that the team name is not adequate, the team has to sign up with a different name. 
1.2b Players have to have an adequate name. If admins decide that the player name is not adequate, the player has to change his name in order to participate. 

1.2c The admin team has the permission to ban well-known trolls and players who are known for harassment (e.g. insults, death threatening, rape threatening) from the tournament. 

1.2d SMITE Pro League players (PC, Xbox and PS4) are not allowed to participate in this tournament. Substitute players from SPL teams are allowed to participate.

1.2e Teams with platform-mixed players are allowed (e.g. 2x PC players and 1x Xbox player)

2. Tournament format
2.1 General
2.1a Tournament matches will be held on European servers. If both teams are from North America, they may play on NA servers. If EU and NA are mixed, teams will only play on EU servers.
2.1b Matches will be played in Swiss Mode. The amount of rounds will be defined by the amount of participants.

2.1c In case there is an exact tie between participants, the admin team may set up one or more matches to break the tie between teams.

2.1c.1 Exact tie means that two tied teams didn't play each other in the Swiss rounds and there is no tie-breaking rule of head-to-head record.

2.1c.2 Tie breaker matches can be BO1 or BO3. The tournament admin will ask both teams about their opinion.

4. Match rules
4.1 General
4.1a This is a 3v3 tournament. Picks and Bans will be done in Draft-Joust.
4.1b This tournament will be played in Swiss Mode - best-of-one.
4.1c If a team surrenders a match, it will count as a loss.
4.1.d If a team gets disqualified by the admins, they will lose acquired points and prizes.
4.2 Picks and Bans
4.2a The tournament will be played in Draft-Joust mode:  4 bans per team (total: 8); First pick: higher seeded team; Second pick: lower seeded team
4.2b Every team is allowed to ban 4 gods per match.
4.2c Picks and bans have to be decided in the game. It's not allowed to discuss bans in chat outside of the game client.
4.2d If a team fails to pick or ban within the given time, the following rules will be activated:
4.2d.1 Bans: If a team captain didn't ban, he will have to contact the team captain of the enemy team and a tournament admin to hand his ban in later. This process is allowed once per match.
4.2d.2 Picks: If a team fails to pick a god in the required time frame, the match will be restarted. All picks and bans that have been done so far, need to be done again. This process is allowed once per match.
4.2d.3 Abusive usage of these rules will lead to disqualification.
4.2e The newest god is banned from the tournament for 2 weeks or until a new god joins the battleground. This ban is not part of the 8-ban-rule.
4.2f Teams are allowed to use the maximum of in-game time to make their picks and bans. God mirror match ups are not allowed.
4.3 Punctuality of players and teams 
4.3a Matches have to start within 15 minutes after they get the confirmation from admins. If a match is not started within this time frame, players have to contact the admin team.
4.3a.1 If a team does not show up or join the match lobby within the 15-minute-frame, it will forfeit the match automatically.
4.3a.2 If both teams don't show up within the 15-minute-frame, an admin will decide what is going to happen: 
4.3a.2a DQ of both teams and a third team advances.
4.3a.2b DQ of both teams and a fresh rework of the brackets.
4.3a.2c No DQ of teams and the start will be delayed.
4.3a.2d No DQ of teams and coin toss to choose the winner.

4.3a.2e Not listed decision in a tournament admin's discretion.
4.4 Delay of game
4.4a We allow players, casters and admins to have 5-10 minutes of cool-down time between games. 
4.4b Team captains have to contact a tournament admin in case the cool-down time will take longer than 10 minutes. In case they don't contact an admin, they risk to get disqualified from the tournament.
4.5 Disconnects
4.5a Before first blood / before the 5-minute-mark:
4.5a.1 If a player disconnects from the match withing this time frame, the affected team can request a match re-start including same picks and bans. This rule will be applied to loading screen crashes as well. 
4.5b After first blood / after the 5-minute-mark:
4.5b.1 Matches will not be restarted after first blood or after the 5-minute-mark.
4.5b.2 Server issues can lead to forced match restarts. If more than 1 player disconnects from a match, a tournament admin has to be contacted. This admin has to check the official server status and identify if a match restart is required.
4.6 Unfair competition
4.6a Following abuses are identified as unfair competition and will be punished:
4.6a.1 Usage of map hacks and cheats.
4.6a.2 Abusive use of in game pauses and disconnects.
4.6a.3 bad sportsmanship, e.g. harassing other players, casters or admins and intentional feeding.
4.6a.4 Texting in stream chat during a match broadcast (check 5.1a for more details).
4.6a.5 Violation of terms of service, e.g. account sharing.
4.6a.6 Abusive use of in game bugs to get an unfair advantage.
4.6b If a bug has been found during a match, an admin will decide what to do.
4.6b.1 If a bug has been found during a match, players will have to report it to an admin right after their match.
4.6b.2 If a player exploits a bug, he will get punished by an admin.
4.7 Punishment
4.7a If a team breaches one of the rules, it can be disqualified. This disqualification includes the loss of all points and prizes of this very tournament. Disqualification from future tournaments can be another punishment for rule violation. 

5. After-match behaviour
5.1 General
5.1a Tournament players are not allowed to post anything in stream chat during their match's broadcast. Pauses during the match are included in this rule. We wrote this rule down specifically to prevent spoils during the match. Players who violate this rule have to face consequences: Admins will decide. 
5.1b If a team wins one of more physical prizes, tournament admins will ask the team captain for names and addresses. If a player does not provide the information, he can't receive prizes. 

6. Declaration of revocation
The entire set of rules will be interpreted at tournament admins discretion. We reserve the right to modify, change or improve rules. Every decision of an admin is final and players must obey to avoid punishment. Players agree to have read this set of rules by registering to the tournament.

최종 결과

최정상 챔피언: Die drei !!!
주목 받을 강자: Profidaddler
미래의 강자: 2 und a halber men

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순위 Match W-L-T
(wins +1.0, ties +0.0)
Score TB Pts Pts Diff Buchholz
1 Die drei !!! 4 - 1 - 0 0 4.0 1 4 3 7.0
2 Profidaddler 4 - 1 - 0 0 4.0 0 4 3 7.0
3 2 und a halber men (2 und a halber men - zlOwnedYou, Dekaya, MaestroDC) 3 - 2 - 0 0 3.0 0 3 1 8.0
4 The Cleanliness 2 - 3 - 0 0 2.0 1 2 -1 9.0
5 Moons groom duo lane 2 - 3 - 0 0 2.0 0 2 -1 9.0
6 Greedy 0 - 5 - 0 0 0.0 0 0 -5 9.0