Psychic Monotype C&E Tournament

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-Once you have entered the tournament, pm me on Pokemon Showdown! your username on this website so I know who you are.

-NEW RULE: Once the tourney starts, players have a 4 minute time limit to battle eachother. Failure to do so ill result in disqualification of the player not accepting the challenge. No ifs or buts.

-No scouting. If you see that somebody that is in the bracket has entered your battle, please pm me so I can disqualify him or her.

-If you don't know how to play Catch and Evolve, check out this link for a brief explanation: http://pstournaments.weebly.com/campe.html

-You only get one reroll.

-Z-Moves, Focus Sash, and Focus Band are banned in the first round. Sturdy, however, is not banned in first round.

-Megas dont count as evolution.

-If you get a pokemon that has a variation (Ex. Grimer), you can choose which variation you want to start with. (Ex. Alolan or Normal). You cannot, however, change the variation of the pokemon between matches or when they evolve. (Ex. Vulpix cannot ''evolve'''into Alolan Vulpix and vice versa, and Vulpix cant evolve into Alolan Ninetales)

-Your team must be in Monotype format.

Just have fun :D


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