League of Overwatchers Cup

  • Single Elimination  
  • Overwatch  
  • August 28, 2016 at 8:00 PM CDT  
  • Check-in: Underway Now  
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Tournament will be held on the PC version of Overwatch. This tournament is held for the League of Overwatchers community.

We will be using the League of Overwatchers discord as our main meeting hub. Please be in the Overwatch voice channel with your team when checking in. Failure to be present on discord for check-ins will result in your team being disqualified from the tournament. Incomplete team registrations (teams with less than 6 members) will also be disqualified.



Teams will consist of 6 players and will participate in a single elimination bracket. No player can be on multiple teams nor can they sub through switching accounts. There will be a ONE hero limit per team.

The tournament runs in a single elimination format with best-of-3 in every round.


Only control maps (king of the hill) will be in the pool for this cup. The map order will be as followed.

Game 1: Lijiang Tower

Game 2: Nepal

Game 3 (if necessary): Ilios


Teams and players need to be registered through the Challonge page. Please nothing overly offensive for your team names! Make sure that you have a full team (of 6) before checking-in for the tournament.


Teams are allowed to have 2 alternates on their team in case of any emergency, disconnects, or no-shows. Team captains should add alternates to their roster and notify the tournament admin (Totemlydrunk) with their names.


Select tournament matches will be shoutcasted by Slambo and Endboss at twitch.tv/theovercasters. Come cheer on your favorite team as they fight for Overwatch supremacy and bragging rights!


- Team captains are required to join the League of Overwatchers discord at http://discord.me/loo
and announce their check-in.
- Team captains must check in with Totemlydrunk (in Discord) at 5:30pm PDT or before and let him know whether or not their roster is ready.
- Team captains will be responsible for following tournament protocols as well as starting match lobbies.
- Mods will be available to team captains for assistance. Non-casted matches will have a Mod present in the game lobby.

To help keep things organized I'll be looking for folks to help with admin duties. This would include having an admin in each lobby (in case of any in-game issues/to explain rules) and twitch chat (to mod chat). With extra help we can ensure a better experience not just for the viewers but our participants as well. If you'd have any interest please DM me either on Discord or on twitter @totemlydrunkctr

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.