Lords of the Lane 6

  • 7 player Single Elimination  
  • Heroes of the Storm  
  • May 7, 2017 at 2:00 PM CDT  
  • Check-in: Closed  
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Lords of the Lane is back this May 7th! This 2v2 Heroes of the Storm tournament was our first Patreon goal, at https://www.patreon.com/lordsofthestorm?ty=h. We answer the question that's on everyone's minds--which two heroes, when paired together, will DESTROY EVERYONE?  And who is bold enough to pilot them to victory? In this Lords of the Lane 6, we will see who among us has the coordination, the tactics, and the pushing power to win it all!


NA Region Players Only (Sorry to other regions, we just don't have the manpower to host those currently)

Registration will be capped at 32 teams, with the remaining on a waiting list in case of no shows, cancelations etc.  Patrons of our Lords of the Storm Patreon who give $5 or more per month have the ability to register early! Open registration begins Friday 11/18/2016, but the Patrons are allowed to sign up before that. Any non-Patron registration prior to Friday is not guaranteed! However, after open registration begins Friday, the slots will be on a first come, first serve basis. If registration is full, please still sign up as the wait list will cover any no shows. Also, only one of the teammates on your team needs to be a patron to benefit from early registration.

2v2 Custom Game; Higher seed team (lower number) creates lobby unless your match is being casted, then the caster will create the game and invite both teams.

Single Elimination

The finals are best of three, but every match leading up to it is just one game.

You will be required to check in to play. Check in will open a day before the tournament and allow us to know who is coming. See FAQ at the bottom for more details.

Select Matches and the Finals will be streamed and cast by some of the Lords of the Storm on http://www.twitch.tv/lordsofthestorm.

Map - Lost Cavern.

Objective - Teams will duke it out until one of the Keeps (second major structure) is destroyed. At this point, the first team to destroy a Keep is declared the winner of that game. If you lose a game, please allow the winning team to push to the win uninterrupted.  This will greatly speed up time in between rounds.

Heroes - All are allowed, no mirror matches.

Picks and Bans - Each game will begin with a quick set of picks and bans, which will be discussed in the Custom game channel prior to the start of the game. Each team has THREE bans, two of which take place at the beginning and one in the middle of the character selection phase. For example, each match starts with the higher seed's (lower number) first ban. Then the lower seed selects their first ban. High seed picks second ban, followed by low seed picking second ban. Higher seed then picks its first character, followed by the lower seed picking a character. Then, the third ban phase begins with the lower seed  banning once more, followed by the higher seed's final ban. Then, lower seed picks their final character, and higher seed picks theirs.

In short, if A is the higher seed and B is lower, it goes A Ban - B Ban - A Ban - B Ban - A 1st Pick - B 1st Pick - B Ban - A Ban -B 2nd Pick - A 2nd Pick.

After the first game is over, the team who lost must declare whether they want to go first or second in the next Pick/Ban phase.

If the final match comes down to all three games, the same rule applies--whichever team lost the second game will be able to decide whether they are the first or second Pick/Ban for the final game.

Again, keep in mind there are no mirror matches.

SPECIAL RULE FOR CHO'GALL: If one team selects either Cho or Gall as their first pick, they automatically receive the other half as their second pick. So teams wishing to ban Cho'Gall would be wise to do so on the first ban phase.

Alert Tournament Admin (Multizord) Before Starting Each Round

This will solve a lot of pacing issues, and allow the casters to be able to cast a variety of different teams throughout the tournament. Please get confirmation back from the tournament admin before beginning any round. You will be informed when the casters are covering your game, and they will create the Custom game beforehand in those instances.

The “M.U.L.E” talent is banned from play as it can give a significant advantage if only one team has it and unnecessarily prolongs gameplay.

Join our Lords of the Lane Discord channel to participate in the games! This is where we will meet briefly before the tournament to re-hash rules, and you may also use the voice chat channels in that server to coordinate with your teammate.

Lords of the Lane Discord 


First Place - Each teammate will be e-mailed the code for a $20 Amazon gift card!  Also, they receive eternal glory etched on the pages of the internet.

Second Place - Each teammate will be e-mailed the code for a $10 Amazon gift card! Also, they get a pat on the back.


What is this "check-in" business - Check-in allows us to know which teams will be for sure participating in the tournament so we know if we have to make any adjustments. Check-in is easy. An 24 hours before the tournament starts, check-in will open on the Challonge page, and all you have to do, is your team captain comes to the Challonge page, hits the "check-in" button, and that lets us know you'll be there. This is mandatory to play so we can seed correctly. Check-in will close immediately before the tournament starts.

All 32 team slots are full, can I still play somehow?- Maybe! With 32 teams signing up there's a decent chance a few may not check in. If the roster is full you can still sign up and be placed on the backup list. If you are on the backup list and you know you can make it, make sure to still check in, then on the day of the tournament, when check-in closes an hour before the tournament starts, we will see if any of the active teams haven't checked in, and if not, then we will start replacing them on a first come first served basis with the alternate teams who did check in. 

So and so cheated by taking M.U.L.E.- Don’t do this, just don’t, it’s no fun for anyone. If it's an accident, point it out in /all, apologize, don't use the M.U.L.E. (consider it a wasted talent) and move on. If you happen to have a dispute against an opponent for any of this type of abuse, please submit the game replay to the tournament coordinator and it will be dealt with.

Man, Team X sounds really good, how did I get seeded against them - Please note that seeds/matches are not finalized until everyone has checked in on match day. This allows us to compensate for teams that quit/do not check in/do not show up.


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