CPM Masters Cup 2014 1st qualification

  • Players
  • Format
    Double Elimination
  • Game
    Quake III: Arena
  • Start
    October 12, 2014 at 9:30 PM +06
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Main information

CPM Masters Cup 2014  organized by community

Date: 12th of October, 16:30 CEST


uaShadow  | HyDr0 | funnyb | eThaD


IRC: #masterscup on



Map pool: cpm3a (weapon respawn 15), cpm15 (wr 15), cpm22 (wr 5), cpm24 (wr 5), pukka3tourney2 (wr 5)

Sign-up and check-in: If one want to play he has to be signed on challonge page. If one want to play he needs to check in in 30 minutes before the qualification starts. To check in send private message to any admin in #masterscup channel on quakenet. After check in stage players will be seeded by admins and brackets will be created and placed online on challonge page. All the players have to be online at #masterscup @ quakenet during the cup.

Qualification format: Full double elimination, from each qualification 4 players (semifinalists) will proceed into the finals. Placement in qualification decides who will you meet in the finals.

Map pick: Players call heads or tails and call vote 'random 2' ('cointoss'). Winner of cointoss states his map of choice which is going to be played first and decides who's going to pick the 2nd map to play. If a tie occurs after 2 maps played, players call vote 'random 2' again with heads or tails picked. Winner of this cointoss decides who will drop first map remaining in the map pool. Each player drops a map until one map remains to be played.

Server selection: YAny cpma CPMA 1.48 server with standard settings could be used. The ping difference between players should not be higher than 30. If players can't agree on suitable server, it is picked by an admin. Once a player gets ready in-game he accepts the server and its settings as they are.

Scores: Report your score to admin! He will move you to the next round or drop you to LB.

Nick: You have to signup under your REAL nickname which has to be the same as your IRC one! In game you have to play with the same nick as well!


Admins:  Finland gaiia France xou Czech Republic neverGreen Russia DEZ Russia Godzie

Cvars limits: 

rate 25000 +

cl_maxpackets 125 +

Cheating: For obvious reasons, cheating will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If you are caught cheating in a match setting, you will be disqualified from the tournament. Cheats include, but are not limited to:

OpenGL and similar driver and texture hacks.
Any type of unauthorized pak editing.
Any mechanism by which information that is not normally available to the player is obtained, such as OGC or any type of eavesdropping.
Nuking, channel takeovers, crashing a match server, or any other form of denial of service.
Simply put, if you think something is wrong or illegal, don’t do it.


- tolerated delay of one game is 20 minutes. If one of opponents is missing for more than 20 minutes the one who is in present is getting a default win and will be moved to the next round.

- player has to behave like a human. Any spam or timeouting on purpose or other improper behavior will not be tolerated and may result in disqualification from the qualification.
- every player has to record demos from every game! set /autorecord 1! If admin ask him he provide his demos.
- if there are any concerns about breaking the rules players has to fully cooperate with admins. If not it may result with disqualification from the tournament.


Pings of dueling players should not differ by more than 30 ms:;password lobstarz;password lobstarz;password cpmduel;password cpmduel; password cpmduel; password cpmduel; password cpmduel;password bender;password bender;password bender;password bender;password cpmduel;password playmorepromode;password playmorepromode; password ninemil;password cpmduel;password cpmduel

Final Results

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