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Meow! Meow! Space Tiger - CPM FFA tournament

Meow! Meow! Space Tiger is a CPM FFA event commencing on November 19th, 2022 at 17:00 UTC. (Time zone conversionsYou can find the Challonge for the Duel tournament here: link

Game: CPMA 1.52 (Download links: Official site, mod + maps - DEZ pack)

Date: November 19th, 2022 at 17:00 UTC. 

Check-in: Check-in starts 30 minutes prior, at 16:30 UTC.

Tournament format: TBD - depends a lot on the amount of signups.

Prize pool (shared with Duel tournament): 

  • 50€ Finland gaiia
  • 50€ Russian Federation Leshaka

Total: 100€ - If you want to donate to the prize pool, contact gaiia#2491 on Discord. Prize pool distribution is TBD.

Where to watch?: - If you plan on streaming/casting and want to be included on this list, let me know on Discord.

Contact: Official CPMA Discord - gaiia#2491 on Discord

Map Pool: (Download the Map Pack here or here)

  • cpm21 - Foolish Legacy
  • cpm26 - Out Of The Dark
  • cpm33_b1 - Tornado
  • avrdm1b - Get Up, Stand Up
  • history - History
  • nodm6 - Abandoned Rugs

Match Settings:

  • Timelimit: 15 minutes
  • Fraglimit: 50 frags
  • Weapon respawn: 0 AKA Weapon stay

Server Selection: The games will be played on European servers, unless the majority of signups are from other regions.

Match Protocol (assuming two groups): 3 pre-determined maps are played in succession. Afterwards, the top 50% of each group forms a new group of players and the remaining 50% for another. These groups then play 3 other pre-determined maps each. After everyone has played a total of 6 maps, the points are tallied together to determine final standings.

Match Details: Players must take an end of game screenshot, and a complete demos of all their games. Players must use (/cg_autoaction 7) to have a demo, and screenshot be automatically recorded by the game. Players must be able to provide demos of their games upon request.

Nick: Your nick on sign-up list should be the one you use on Discord, and in-game. No fakenicks allowed!
Behaviour: Be nice to one another. Excessively flaming other players, spectators, casters, admins and/or referees will lead to disqualification.

Cheating: Any, and all forms of cheating, or assistance will lead to disqualification.

Streaming info: You are welcome to stream the tournament on your channel, but to guarantee competitive integrity, a minimum stream delay of thirty (30s) seconds is heavily encouraged.


Rank Name Total Points
Icon medal first
Icon medal second
Icon medal third