Double Down #7: Custom Character Tournament

  • Players
  • Format
    Double Elimination
  • Game
    Def Jam: Fight For New York
  • Start
    September 11, 2021 at 7:00 PM CDT
  • Check-in
Organized by

Banned Stages: Red Hook Tire Factory, Gun Hill Garage (all other stages are legal)

Starting Stage: Crow's Office

Exclusive Infinite Information for God Tier

Characters may use every move their moveset contains that ignores the double down stun rule in a combo once per combo, as opposed to any of their moves once and be unable to perform another move that ignores double down stun.

The infinite using Crow's Office's cabinet in the lower right corner is allowed for one rep per combo as per the one rep rule above.

Infinites on the boxing rings, on flood lights, at empty areas of the stage, and using the roll off the wall, as well as the wall redaze are banned and will result in a forfeit of the game.

All infinites are allowed to be performed for one rep then a combo ender must be performed except for the wall redaze infinite, which is never allowed.

Clarification on Wall Redaze Infinite: All wall interactions are legal, except: ending a string so your opponent is forced off the wall standing in a stunned state. If your opponent is knocked to the floor by a combo ender, or falling out of the combo and is stunned, this is not the wall redaze infinite.

Additionally, the following is an example of a FFNY American Reset: Hitting your opponent while they are positioned on the wall, which then causes them to stand up in a neutral state  is considered an FFNY American Reset. There are situations where coming off the wall in a neutral state will allow specific characters who have no gaps in a string to continue hitting the opponent. 

A neutral state, is a state where you have control over your character, i.e. not on the wall or dazed. This is not a wall redaze infinite and is legal.

For those curious a standard American Reset is: "When somebody accidentally drops their combo, but a follow-up attack hits the opponent anyway because they simply weren't blocking or, indeed, paying attention to the screen at all. It's kind of like a reset, but with no underlying mix-up behind it, which means it should "never" work... except for the times it does."

Additionally, grabbing characters that are unsticking from the wall passively, not as a result of an attack knocking them off the wall and not characters tech rolling off the wall, is also ruled as a wall redaze infinite.

The Strike Infinite is LEGAL.

Using any grapple move that ignores the double down stun limit, i.e. chain stun grabs, are limited to one per combo except in the case of Blazin moves and a specific wall grab animation that causes an additional stun. These are not momentum stuns.

Momentum stuns are defined as: Situations where you get additional stuns in a combo by exceeding the damage threshold.

Final Results

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