Nordic StarCraft League Season 6 (June) (NORDIC ONLY)

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While playing in this cup, it's recommended that you're a part of the NCSL-Discord:  In that way, it's easier for everyone to get in contact with each other.

*Only Nordic-players are allowed to sign up for this cup. Click SHOW FULL DESCRIPTION and scroll down to find the complete ruleset.

ADMINS: All the ADMINS in the NSCL-Discord are also ADMINS for this cup. Feel free to send us messages if you got any questions.

When: Saturday May 30, Start 13:00 PM (CEST) (DONT FORGET TO CHECK-IN 30 MINUTES BEFORE START)

Format: 1v1, Double Elimination. Half of contestants will start in the Lower Bracket.  All sets are Best of 3, except GRAND FINALS (Bo5) The player that sails through the Winner-Bracket will start GRAND FINALS with 1-0


Maps: We will always use the newest map-pool, unless ADMINS have given any other information/heads-ups.

Seeding: Seed after MMR

Top 12 each month will get NSCL-points:

1.:  20pts

2 & 3. :16pts

4. :14.pts

5. :12 pts

6.-9. : 10.pts

10. :8pts

11.-12.: 6pts

The cup goes on from January - November (pause in july because of summerholiday). And the Top 16 (with most points),  will meet in December for a Double Elim Bracket (All rounds Bo3, except Grand Finals (Bo5)

Good Luck and Have Fun everyone! :D



Muta's 10 Commandments

1. Don't be a troll. The tournaments/cups being hosted, are for people who wants to have a great time together, DO NOT sign up if you're thinking about trolling. Should be obvious what this means, and that we are NOT. Being helpful / kind and polite is always welcome here.

2 READ RULES & DESCRIPTIONS before you sign-up. By entering, you show that you have read through all the rules and accepted them. You're also aware that you will get consequences if you break the rules.

*DESCRIPTION shall ALWAYS mention:

- When (date and hour)

- Format

- What map-pool to use (Always the newest, unless admins say differently)

- Channel

- ADMIN(S)/Contacperson(s)


- How the tournament/CUP will be seeded (Mostly by MMR)

3. Respect the ADMINS! We allow ourselves to change the rules if any issue or twist appears. If we come to a conclusion, it's not just for fun. There's always a erason.

4. The contestants are to play with the nick they have signed up with. Using SMURFS / BARCODES is allowed, as long as their aliases, what they are better known as, is revealed before the tournament.

5. In the matches being casted, Casters are to have the "Referee"-role.

6. Ther main stream is to ALWAYS have a minimum delay of 3 minutes. All contestants are allowed to stream their own games, but they too got to have 3 min delay (mostly for their own good). So admins/players/casters don't have to waste time on "streamcheating". Each player is responsible for setting delay before start.

* It's OK for players to watch and listen to the MAINSTREAM when they are NOT playing their own games, but it shall be minimized and muted when they start to play.

7. The game itself:

- None other than players and casters are allowed to be in the lobby when the match starts, unless it's OK for both players. Other spectators are NOT allowed type in chat during the game (try avoid disturbing casters etc.)

- If the game is paused, ALWAYS TELL THE REASON WHY!! Is it because other spectators than the casters are causing the match to lag, the spectators are to leave the match immediately.

- WALKOVER (WO) is given if the opponent have not showed up 15 minutes after the tournament has started (given that it's a non-groupstage before bracket of course). If it's a Double ELIMINATION bracket and the opponent still haven't showed up 15 min after the first walkover, 30 min in total, a new WO is given. If a player intentionally chooses to drag out the time, ADMINS can and will most likely make a descision to give the other player WALKOVER. Ex. "gotta eat dinner, need to fix something etc." If both players have agreed to play at a later time than START, a message must be sent to the ADMINS at before START, and if one of the players are still delayed, ADMINS have the right to call WO for the one player waiting.

- If there are any issues, the replay MUST BE SENT to ADMIN. Both players are not allowed to agree on DRAW before the game or ADMINS has decided it.

- If anyone get disconnected, the game shall be restored from REPLAY. Players may choose to restart the match, if the game lasted less than two minutes (ingame time). If one of the players disconnects and doesn't show up after 15 min. the admins may give that player LOSS for that single match.

8. Team Leagues / CUP (f.ex. Norwegian Clan League)

*This RULE will be "forged" when a team-league is created and ADMINS agree on how the League/Cup will be played*

9. If you get caught cheating, you're OUT! PERMABAN and ADMINS will also inform your team-/clanleaders if you have one.

What defines cheat?

- Maphack

- Streamcheating (no matter delay - video/sound)

- Using thirdparts-software to set things like macros on mouse/keyboards. It's difficult to reveal, but it still counts as cheating if discovered.

- SNITCHES = Observers, friend, teammates, contestants or others sending hints (via Bnet, Discord, Messengers, SMS...etc.) about build order, strategy, other reveals f.ex. army locatios and so on. SNITCHES being busted will also get permabanned from all cups and tournaments.

- To let other people play on your account. If you get caught doing this, ADMINS will ALSO let companinon's teamleders aware of the issue.

- Abusing BUGS


If you get caught cheating, but still claim that your innocent, or that the ADMINS have misjudged your match, you're of course welcome to react and send a complaint. This shall be sent as a DM to ADMINS in a serious matter, not on twitter, public channels etc.

10. Never mess around with the bouncer or the people making/serving you food and drinks when you're downtown. But MOST IMPORTANTLY; REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Final Results

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