PR Qualifier 2

Welcome to PR Qualifiers 2!

At it's heart, Deathy's Kingdom is a discord server dedicated to Super Smash Brothers players and fans alike. We are a server of smashers that accept people of all beliefs, genders, orientations, cultures, and more. We hope you enjoy your stay here!

This tournament is for anyone in the server who has attended less than 5 tournaments. It is counting towards our final power rankings for the entirety of Smash 4.


Registration: As soon as this page is posted

Registration Ends: 5:30pm EST

Smash 4 Singles: 6pm EST

Deathy's Kingdom hosts tournaments every Saturday at 3pm and every Sunday at 6pm.


  • DQ time is 10 minutes
  • If there are less than 32 players, all sets are best of 3 until top 3.
  • If there are more than 32, all sets are best of 3 until top 8.

Thank you for joining/supporting Supreme Dream and Kingdom Weeklies, as I seek to make these a staple tournament series in the online Smash community!

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.