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AIM HIT GO and Dave & Buster's are working together to bring you some incredible events. We have some amazing things lined up for everyone! While AIM HIT GO provides well organized tournaments, premium equipment, and a great crowd; Dave & Buster's provides an incredible venue, a specialized menu, and discounted beers just for us! Together, our goal is to bring you the best eSport competitions we possible!



Player's under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian 25 & up.
Ticket cost: $17 per tournament per person

All tickets can be purchased online or during walk-up registration.

Registration will CLOSE at 3:45pm

The tournament will begin at 4:00pm.


1-20 players: 1st: $70, 2nd: $20, 3rd: $10

21-40 players: 1st: $150, 2nd: $30, 3rd: $20

41-64 players: 1st: $200, 2nd: $70, 3rd: $30


This will be a bracketed, double elimination tournament played on the PS4.

Controllers will be provided, however, it is highly encouraged for gamers to bring their own controllers and joysticks.

This tournament will use ASUS VS278Q-P 27" Full HD 1920x1080 1ms DisplayPort HDMI VGA Monitors


Dave & Buster's house policies take priority above all other tournament rules or any rules that AIM HIT GO has or will announced. Please make yourself familiar with these rules. Please view the house policy here.

Smash Bros. for Wii U Official Tournament Rules:

Wii U Game Settings

Singles: 2 stocks and 6:00 minutes

Damage ratio 100%

Custom Fighters are banned

Custom Moves are banned

Custom Equips are banned

Pause off

Handicap off

Amiibo’s are banned

There will be no loading anything on to the tournament consoles.

Mii Fighters are legal. Each setup will have 1-1-1-1 Mii Brawlers/Swordsmen/Gunners available for use (Using a Default Mii).

No other specials for Mii Fighters will be allowed. Players are not allowed to transfer any existing Miis to a setup.

If using default Guest Miis, they should be picked to match the color of the team you are playing on.

Wii U Stage list


Final Destination
Lylat Cruise
Town & City

Dream Land 64 *
Omega Stages **

* Treated as Battlefield during the stage striking or stage ban phase. If Battlefield is banned, then Dream Land 64 is also banned, and vice versa.
** Treated as Final Destination in striking phase. If Final Destination is struck, Omega Stages are struck and vice versa. You may only choose the following Omega Stages: Palutena’s Temple, Suzaku Castle and Wily Castle.

Note: You may not play on a stage that is not on the available stages list. This will result in a double disqualification.

Wii U Details

Stage Striking: Players/teams eliminate stages from the Starter stage list until there is one stage remaining. The player who strikes first may be determined by RPS (rock, paper, scissors) best of one. The winning player/team strikes the first stage. Then the other player/team strikes two stages. Then the winning player/team strikes one more stage and the remaining stage is used for the first game of the set.

Stage Clause: A player/team may not pick any stage they previously won on during the set, unless agreed upon by the opponent.

Stage Bans: After each game of the set, before counter picking, the player who won the previous game may ban one stage from the stage list. All stage bans affect both players, meaning players who banned a stage may NOT counter pick that stage themselves later in the set.

Self-Destruct Moves: If a match ends with the successful use of a character’s self-destruct move, the results screen will determine the winner.

Post-match character selection: The winning player/team is not locked into the same character for the next match, but must pick before loser selects character.

DLC Characters: All DLC characters are legal in addition to the entire cast of characters on the select screen.

Wireless Controllers: For ease of access, tournament staff recommends the use of the wired Nintendo Gamecube controller. However, The Wii U Pro controller (battery removed), Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Nunchuck, Wii Remote + Classic Controller, and the Nintendo 3DS Family in controller mode are all permitted. Violations related to wireless controller interference will be subject to DQ and possible eviction from the venue (recommend removing the controller battery after each match). Players are expected to bring their own controller and be prepared for every tournament set. AIM HIT GO will be providing a few wired Gamecube controllers if players need to borrow.

Glitches: Any glitches that freeze the game are banned, and the player who initiated the glitch is subject to forfeiture of the match.

Additional Rules

Gentleman’s Clause: There is no gentleman’s clause at the event. Players may NOT play on any stage that is not on the legal stage list, and players may NOT agree to change the number of matches to be played in a set.

Double Blind Character Select: Either player may request a double blind character select for the first game. In this situation, a third party is told, in secret, each player’s character choice. Both players then select their character, and the third party validates that the character selected is the same as what they said.

Port Priority: Players will play a best-of-1 game of Rock Paper Scissors. Winner gets their port selection, loser selects any other port.

Neutral Start: Players may elect to move to opposite sides of the stage and then count down prior to starting the match.

Pausing: Should be off. However, in the event that pause is not turned off, pausing the game is only legal while a player remains upon their OWN respawn platform, and only for the purpose of summoning a tournament organizer, or in the event of a controller malfunction. All other pauses will incur AT LEAST a one stock loss to the offending player, perhaps more if the offending pause further disrupted the opponent at the discretion of the TO.

Stalling: The act of stalling, or intentionally making the game unplayable, is banned and at the discretion of the TO. Stalling tactics include but are not limited to becoming invisible, infinites, chain grabs, or uninterruptible moves past 300%; or abusing a position in which your opponent can never reach you. Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e., pausing, freeze glitches, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in forfeiture of that match for the offending player. You are responsible for knowing your own character, and must be wary about accidentally triggering these effects.

Timeouts / Ties: The winner of a match that goes to time (time out) will be determined by stocks and then percentage. When the timer hits 0:00, the player with the higher stock count is the winner. If both players are tied in stocks, the player with the lower percentage is the winner. In the event of a percentage tie, or a match in which both players lost their last stock simultaneously, a 1 stock tiebreaker will be played with a 3:00 time limit. The result of the game’s built-in Sudden Death does not count towards the set outcome.

Colorblind Clause: Players may request that their opponent change colors to accommodate color blindness, or if their color is indistinguishable from either the other team color or the stage background. This request must be made before the first game of the set.

Warm-ups: Warm-up periods, button checks, and “hand warmers” may not exceed 30 seconds on the game clock. Violation of this rule may result in forfeiture of a game at the discretion of the TO.

Misinterpretation: Games or sets are not to be replayed due to a misinterpretation of the rules; it is the players’ responsibilities to ask the TO for any clarification of the rule set in the event of a disagreement, and the outcome of a game or set will not be changed after the fact unless under extreme circumstances.

Coaching: Any coaching that happens during a set (anytime between the beginning of game one and end of the set) is banned. Players who violate this rule will be subject to disqualification from the event or eviction from the venue.

Collusion: Any collusion or results manipulation with your competitors is forbidden. If the TO determines that any competitor is colluding to manipulate results or intentionally underperform, the colluding players may be immediately disqualified. This determination is to be made at the sole discretion of the TO. Anyone disqualified in this manner forfeits all rights to any titles or prize money they might have otherwise earned.

Controller Legality: The legal Wii U controllers include the wired Nintendo Gamecube controller, Wii U Pro controller (battery removed), Wii Remote, Wii Remote + Nunchuck, Wii Remote + Classic Controller, and the Nintendo 3DS Family in controller mode. However, violations related to wireless controller interference will be subject to DQ and possible eviction from the venue.

Malfunctions: Any malfunctions associated with your controller are your responsibility, including battery life. Players are responsible for using the correct settings BEFORE the set begins. Both parties need to agree if a match is to be paused or restarted because of a controller problem.

Audio Equipment: Players are responsible for bringing any audio equipment they require with them to all tournament matches. If a setup has equipment provided and a player does not have their own immediately ready, they cannot request a different setup or equipment. Refusal to play will result in a DQ.


Final Results

Supreme Champion: Primid
Worthy Adversary: kurogyaruhime
Maybe Next Time: Kayohh

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