• Players
  • Format
    Double Elimination
  • Game
    Killer Instinct
  • Start
    January 12, 2022 at 6:00 PM EST
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  • Ultrafine Atomic Weekly is a weekly run double elimination tournament for Killer Instinct (2013).
  • There is no prize money. This is just a weekly opportunity to play KI in a bracket.


  • Discord Invite Link:
  • You must be in the discord to participate. If someone is not responding in the discord, they will be DQ'd. Please be present to make communication easier.
  • You must check-in in the hour before the tournament starts. You can do that on challonge or by saying that you're here in general chat of the discord. 
  • All regions, skill level and all platforms are welcome, provided too many connection issues are not present.


  • If you are new to this tournament, you will be seeded at the bottom.
  • Seeding is based upon the results of each set and the seeding of the players at the time of that set.
  • If you're one of the greats, it should be easy to build your seeding up to where it should be and hard to fall back down.
  • DQs or other kinds of non-matches do not affect seeding.
  • I have a whole spreadsheet on my seeding system that I'm working on making presentable to the public and will be available soon-ish. Probably February or March. I hope no one is noticing that I keep pushing this back. The work load seems to always be bigger than I imagined.


  • If you check in or just tell me (do this in the Discord) that you will be a little late, I will hold your match for around fifteen minutes.
  • If you are still not around after that time, you will be DQ'd into losers side.
  • After approximately fifteen more minutes without showing up, you will be DQ'd out of the tournament.


  • Please do not run any match before it is called besides the one follow exemption.
  • If you are relatively certain that your match will not be on stream (like a set non-Top 8 losers side set), you may run it without me pinging you, but make sure to ping the TO to let them know you're running it.
  • All Top 8 matches will be played onstream.
  • Each match will be called in the #match-ping channel of the discord with each player pinged and whether it will be onstream, offstream, of if your match will be waiting to be on match next.
  • Each match is first to three matches or the best of five matches (FT3 / BO5). Meaning the first player to win three matches will win the set overall.
  • A double KO does not reward either player a win.
  • You can only switch to a different character after you lose a match.
  • If a player picks a different character on a win, it's not an automatic loss. Do not play that match out and return to character select.
  • Certain stages are not good for netplay. Please refer to the list of soft-banned stages below.
  • Picking a bad stage will not result in an automatic loss. If you are uncomfortable playing on a certain stage, let your opponent know as soon as you see the bad stage and do not play the match at all.
  • If you are restarting a match after a bad stage was picked, you must pick the same characters.


  • After a set is finished, the winning player should either log the match result in challonge or post the result in score reporting channel on the discord with a format similar to "WinningPlayerName 3-2 LosingPlayerName".
  • Make sure to denote, if any wins were due to a disconnection.


  • The vast majority of disconnections will be a no contest result and the match will be replayed.
  • You must pick the same characters when replaying a match due to disconnections.
  • If it is reasonable to assume one of the players would've won the match when a disconnection occurs, give the point to that player.
  • On stream this is at TO discretion. If offstream, the players must come to an agreement together.
  • I don't like to make hard rules based on who is still in lobbies after a disconnection because of how finicky KI lobbies can be.
  • If a point is rewarded because of a disconnection, please make sure to report it to the TO.
  • If a player is collecting a large portion of wins through disconnections, they may be banned.

Harder Disconnect Rules

  • If both players are still on their first life bar, replay the match.
  • If a player has over a full life bar lead, that player wins the match.


    Stages marked with an "O" are alright to play on. Stages marked with an "X" and struck out are not good for netplay. This is not a hard ban. Picking one does not result in an automatic loss. If your opponent picks one of the stages that aren't good for netplay and you don't feel comfortable playing on it, let them know immediately and do not play the match.

           O - Alchemical Lab

           X - Arena of Judgement

           X - Assassin's Cave

           X - Astral Plane

           X - Chinatown Brawl

           X - City of Dawn

           X - Crash Site

           O - Downtown Beatdown

           O - Devil's Landing

           O - Forgotten Grotto

           O - Forbidden Archive

           X - Fury's Core

           O - Hatchery 09

           X - Icehaven

           O - The Pinnacle

           O - Rebel Outpost

           O - Shadow Tiger's Lair

           X - Shipwreck Shore

           O - Tiger's Lair

           X - Ultratech Industries

           X - Village of Whispers

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