Rowdycon Tournaments @ CSUB - Splatoon 2

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This is the Challonge bracket for Rowdycon's Splatoon 2 tournament. The rules are as follows:

  • Each team may have a maximum of 5 competitors (4 main, 1 backup).
  • Each competitor MUST BRING THEIR OWN SWITCH CONSOLE. Subs  may use a console from the main they are subbing in for.
  • Power outlets will be provided, however there won't be enough cables. Please bring your own charging cable.
  • You may use any docks or stands that you have.
  • All controller types are allowed, as long as they do not have macros. Xbox One Elite controllers and Razer Raiju controllers are allowed if you own a converter.
  • Splatnet voice chat is allowed. Any other voice chat is not allowed.
  • Amiibo gear is allowed. DLC weapons are also allowed. (DLC is free, please download it prior to this event.)
  • This even will be streamed. If you are chosen for the stream, you will be faced away from the projector. DO NOT TURN AROUND AND LOOK AT THE PROJECTOR. If you or your teammates are caught trying to look at the projector, you will instantly lose the first round. If you are caught doing it again, you will be DQ'd.
  • This tournament is SINGLE ELIMINATION, 3/5 rounds. After your team is eliminated, you will be out of the tournament. There is no lower bracket. Grand Finals are 4/7 rounds.
  • The map list for this tournament is as follows. You will be reminded of it when you sit down for you match.

Bracket Play:

     Round One:

          Splat Zone - Humpback Pump Track

          Rainmaker - Moray Towers

          Tower Control - Musselforge Fitness

          *Splat Zone - Port Mackerel

          *Rainmaker - Sturgeon Shipyard

     Round Two:

          Tower Control - Kelp Dome

          Splat Zone - Manta Maria

          Rainmaker - Starfish Mainstage 

          *Tower Control - Sturgeon Shipyard

          *Splat Zone - Inkblot Academy

     Round Three:

          Rainmaker - The Reef

          Splat Zone - Starfish Mainstage

          Tower Control - Humpback Pump Track

          *Rainmaker - Manta Maria

          *Splat Zone - Moray Towers

     Round Four:

          Splat Zone - The Reef

          Tower Control - Port Mackerel

          Rainmaker -Kelp Dome

          *Splat Zone -Musselforge Fitness

          *Tower Control - Inkblot Academy

Grand Finals Sets:

     Tower Control - Moray Towers

     Splat Zone - Kelp Dome

     Rainmaker - Humpback Pump Track

     Tower Control - Starfish Mainstage

     *Splat Zone -Sturgeon Shipyard

     *Rainmaker -Port Mackerel

     *Tower Control - Manta Maria

* = If needed

When signing up, please make sure you sign up as a team and your team captain is registered on Challonge so he/she can get the notification for your match. If you do not show up for your match in 1 minute, or notify a TO, you will receive a round loss. If you receive 3 round losses, your team will be DQ'd. Communication with your teammates and the TO's is vital.

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.