Happy 2020 Offrace Tournament

Happy 2020 Offrace tournament is a free to enter and fun event to challenge yourself and other participants in a new role.

Prize Pool:

200$ prize pool (actually 10000 RUB is ~ 150$) + 50$ donations

100$ - 1st place

50$ - 2nd

35$ - 3rd

15$ - 4th

Race picking rules:

Any registered player have to play offrace. This mean if someone is generally participating in tournaments as terran, this time he can pick only protoss or zerg. If both players agree they can play Random vs Random match. If your main pick for tournaments is random you should pick a race for a match or play RvR.

Brackets and maps:

Double elimination, BO3 winners, BO1 losers, BO5 final in advance with one win.

Ladder maps should be generally used, but since its a fun event, if both players agree any map can be used as well.

Restrictions and limitations:

No prize pool will be paid to a player who will deliberately cheat or hide his main race. This is fun event. And i completely rely on your honor and honesty.

Unfortunately due to lag limitation this tournaments is open only for foreigner participants. Koreans playing outside of Korea are allowed to participate.

Game playing rules:

Server: Europe, op Happy2020

Other rules are standard competitive to any modern SCR tournament.

Финальные результаты

Победитель: SouL)T(Dandy
Достойный противник: CasperS2S2
Возможно в другой раз: BlueLord

Код вставки игровой цепочки

Для удаления рекламы необходимо обновиться до Premier badge Challonge Премиум.

Нужна помощь? Посмотрите Инструкции модуля игровой цепочки.
Для разработчиков: эта игровая сетка может быть встроена в страницу при помощи jQuery-плагин для Challonge.
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