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DSU FGC Tryouts Tourney for Soul Calibur Spring 2019

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TOURNEY WILL TAKE PLACE ON FRIDAY FEBRUARY 1ST AT EINSTEN'S AT 7PM! Sign up here beforehand, but you can also sign up before the tourney starts!

Depending on the number of entrants, we'll go with Double Elimination or Round Robin for the organization of the tournament. Double Elim has the winners and losers bracket, if you get knocked out of losers, you're out! Matches will be in a Best of 3 format, but Grand Finals will be Best of 5. Reminder that the player from the losers side in Grand Finals will need to win the first Best of 5 to reset the bracket and win the next Best of 5 after. In Round Robin, each player in the bracket will play each other, and the one with the most wins is the winner! Ties for most wins will be decided with a final Best of 5 match.

If you have a setup for the game, please bring it! It will be greatly appreciated!

Просмотр турнирной сетки станет доступным после того, как будут зарегистрированы хотя бы два участника.