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In Catch and Evolve tournaments, if you win a battle, you will get to catch a Pokemon from your opponent and after each win you may evolve one of your Pokemon.



-No Megas allowed!                                 

-Battle must be in OU format.

-Don't get upset of what you get if you have already rerolled.    (Scroll down for more rules)    

-No scouting.

-PM Pokemon Showdown user Mostly Insane to ask if you want to join.  

-After a battle you may put one of the opponents Pokemon on your team.      

-When a battle has started PM Mostly Inasane the battle link.

-Only 1 reroll allowed.

-No Z Moves, Focus band/Focus sash/sturdy on first round, others are allowed.

-Have fun!


What's a C&E? Read here: http://pstournaments.weebly.com/campe.html

Финальные результаты

Победитель: UhOhYouSuck
Достойный противник: Shinydingo

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