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Hello all,

Saturday the 8th begins the third Dogs of War open tournament, hosted by your very own Ninjahund.

This Saturday, at 18:00 cest there will be a 1on1 tournament, with prizes for the first, second and third place winner.

The tournament will be casted at by myself and Saphotea.

Click the link below for a countdown timer and a conversion to your own timezone:


1st place will be given a 20 euro steam gift card.

2nd place will be given a 10 euro steam gift card.

3rd place will be given a 10 euro steam gift card.


You report your own scores by the Challonge site. Take screenshots of your wins just-in-case.

Any questions can be posted in this thread.

Rules, including army rules, maps and faction picking;

Faction picking:

In a Bo3/5, you cannot pick a faction you've already played in that series.

The person on the top of the match (The top seed of the two players in the bracket) picks faction first. In case of Bo3, in the second match, the other person picks first, then back to the first one.)

This way, it's randomized as the seeds are entirely random. You must confirm the faction that you pick in the in-game chat once picked.

Both players are attackers. This mean that if a player is constantly running around with his troops, without engaging the enemy (playing for a draw), the player get's a default loss of the match (not the full round).

If AFK or not responding to opponent for more than 15 minutes, your game/series will be forfeit.

Lobby rules: 

Match type: 1on1 

Battle type: Land Battle 

Battle Difficulty: Normal 

Time Limit: 20 minutes 

Funds: Large 

Battle realism mode: OFF Large armies: OFF Unit size: Large

There is a maximum use of 6 of the same unit

Demigryph Knights are limited to 3 units

Crypt Horrors limited to 4 units

Steam Tanks are limited to 2 unit

Giants are limited to 2 units

Heroes are limited to 3 units (generals do not count towards this number)

There is a maximum of 2 of the same hero

Spellcasters limited to 1 unit ³

³ If you use a general spellcaster, you can't use a hero spellcaster (and vice-versa) (A hero/lord only counts as a spellcaster if he has spells. Example: A Necromancer with no spells is NOT considered a spellcaster.)


Maps are determined beforehand, allowing people to practice said maps if need be. Maps are pre-determined from R0128 and onwards.

Map for ro128: MP Crossroads

Map for ro64: Karak Azgal

Map for ro32: Glacial Lake

Maps for ro16 bo3 in the following order: Warpstone Mine, The Void of Hel Fenn, Devastation of Ostermark

Maps for quarter finals bo3 in the following order: Kelp and Koldust, Stir River, Griminhagen

Maps for semi finals bo3 in the following order: Brioenne, Bloodpine Woods, Broken Leg Gully

Map for 3rd place bo3: MP Crossroads, MP Alpine Ridge, MP Heoret Ridge

Map for finals bo5 in the following order: MP Crossroads, MP Alpine Ridge, MP Heoret Ridge, MP Peak Pass, MP Blue Reach River.

We hope to see a lot of participants and people, to help grow the multiplayer of the game!

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