Mapper's Delight #5 - Qualifier 1

Mapper's Delight is a tournament designed to display the creativity and ingenuity of the StarCraft 2 Mapmaking scene. Each open qualifier will provide 4 spots into the main event, which will take place on April 10th and 11th.  

Admin can be reached on discord at: CreightonOlsen#0001

Time:  Thursday, April 8th, 2021 1100 CDT/1700 BST
Server: Default EU (players may change upon agreement)
Channel: /join MappersDelight

Map Pool: Dominion, Fumarole Foxtrot, Intergalactic Disco Party, Maze of the Ancient, New Ravensburg, Roomba Fan Laboratory, and Shakuras Legacy. Search for the [MD5] tag to find all maps.
Format: All matches Bo3, Qualifier matches Bo5

Pick/Ban: Loser chooses next map.

  • Ro64 starts on Dominion
  • Ro32 starts on Fumarole Foxtrot
  • Ro16 starts on Intergalactic Disco Party
  • Ro8 (qualifier matches) starts on Roomba Fan Laboratory

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