OSC SC:R Open #6

  •   19 игрок Double Elimination
  •   StarCraft: Brood War
  •   October 6, 2017 за 4:00 PM +08
  •   Регистрация: Закрыта
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Please upload your replays before playing your next opponent. The upload button can be found when you mouse-over your match. In the event casters have to leave the game due to lag, they at least have some replays to cast.

This tournament is open to all players.

Please sign up as your most known alias, and then sync your in-game nick to that alias. 

It's Brood War, you can easily make a new profile for tournament use unlike SC2. 

Alternatively, you can sign up as, e.g. "Elusory - [xd]hellothere"

You can help contribute to the prize pool here.

Use Code "SCR6" to contribute $1 to the prize pool for free!

Prize (minimum USD $100):

1st: 75% + 130 OSC Points

2nd: 25% + 80 OSC Points

3rd:  50 OSC Points

4th:  30 OSC Points

5th - 8th: 10 OSC Points

9th-16th: 5 OSC Points

Everyone: Additional 2.5 OSC Points for participating

*Points count towards the SC:R OSC league, mini SC:R Championship projected for late Jan-Feb

Gateway: U.S. West

Channel: OSC

Speed: Fastest

Turn Rate: 8

Custom Hotkeys: Enabled

Map pool: OutsiderCircuit BreakersFighting Spirit, CamelotBlue Storm

Ban-pick order: Bo1 ABAB A - Bo3 AB ABA - Bo5 B ABAB 

If you're unable to get a response from anyone in chat, relog and check if people can see your messages. There's a weird chat bug.

In the event of lag, both players are to set Network Latency to "High" or  "Extra High" before deciding whether to change hosts or not.

In the event of disconnect, players are to come to a common conclusion whether the map is to be awarded to a certain player or regame. If both players are unable to come to a consensus, please contact the admin.

To find opponents, practice partners, tournament updates, news, Q&A, announcements, etc, join our new OSC Community Discord Server: discord.gg/wVtXBtB

For Rules, Regulations, Race Selection, Walkovers, Streamed Matches + more, see here.

Финальные результаты

Победитель: eonzerg
Достойный противник: repsDewalt
Возможно в другой раз: LUiSTerraN

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