PuyoGB Puyo Puyo Tournament

  • 11 игрок Double Elimination  
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris  
  • March 31, 2018 за 12:00 PM BST  
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PuyoGB will be hosting a British Players Puyo Puyo Tournament on Easter Saturday (March 31st) from 12:00 BST to determine the power rankings of the UK Puyo gaming scene. This tournament will be open to all players of all skills, and we encourage even newbies to take part as it'll help shape our future tournaments.

To enter:

1. Join the PuyoGB Discord!

2. You must own a copy of Puyo Puyo Tetris on PC. If you don't own it, please buy it!

3. Sign-up here, of course!

4. Once the tournament starts, there will be a text channel everyone can use for the tournament.


1. Set the room to be Puyo Only, with the win count set to 3. First player to win three games wins the set and progresses.

2. This tournament is a Double Elimination tournament. The losers brackets still have the opportunity to play through to the finals.

Note: The losers bracket finalist has to defeat the winners bracket finalist twice in order to win the tournament.

3. Be sure to add people on Steam, so when you create the room, you can invite them to play.

4. Streaming is encouraged, but please include in your stream description the PuyoGB Discord and Twitter handle @PuyoPuyoGB.

5. The winner of the set can report the winning score.

Note: If there's a disconnect during a match, restart the game with the same score as before the disconnect. If both players agree that there was a fair result despite the disconnect, you may do so.

Come and have a go! You know you're good enough!

Финальные результаты

Победитель: Wizzkidwas
Достойный противник: RoryTheFiend
Возможно в другой раз: BlueHairKei

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