Stack Up II: The Sequel

  • 6 игрок Double Elimination  
  • Unspecified game  
  • September 3, 2016 за 7:30 PM EDT  
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  • Singles
  • 2 stocks 
  • 6 minute time
  • BO3, BO5 for Finals
  • No customs
  • R.O.B. only
  • Final Destination
  • Double Elimination  
  • Have fun



Final Destination(or omega stages if both players agree to stage)


Lylat Cruise

Town & City


Dream Land 64

Duck Hunt

Omega stages

Stage Striking:

Game one: Higher seed strikes 1 stage first, lower seed strikes 2 stages, higher seed picks from remaining two stages.

Counter picks: The Winner of previous game bans 1 stage then loser picks stage. 

Daves Stupid RuleYou cannot go back to a stage you have won on in the current set unless agreed upon by opponent

In the case that a player ends a game through the use of Up Throw to kill both players, the initiator of the move is given the win for that game, regardless of who the game displays as having won.

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