Scrubby Fridays 4

  • 19 игрок Double Elimination  
  • Unspecified game  
  • December 16, 2016 за 5:00 PM EST  
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*This is a tournament that will be run weekly for newer and low skill players i.e. scrubs to have a little spotlight.

*It will be streamed here:

*Players who have placed in the top 4 of Soku Saturdays or Corner Assault are asked to not participate, as they're too strong, the list of banned players can be found here:

*You will be required to report in the Soku Discord the day of the tournament or will be removed, you can join the Discord here:

*Arrive 20 to 25 minutes early if possible. Note to players: PLEASE do not disallow spectators!

*SokuRoll is required to play. Get it here:


*Double Elimination

*Best of 2 out of 3

*Grand Finals 3 out of 5

*The top two players of the tournament are banned from the next Scrubby Friday in the following week to allow others to shine, but may enter in another at a later time

Previous Champions

Scrubby Fridays  1 - Sigets - Banned till December 18th 2016

                                          2nd Erikklk Banned till December 2nd 2016

Scrubby Fridays  2 - Rei_Utsuho - Banned till December 28th 2016

                                          2nd Illgrim Banned till December 9th 2016

Scrubby Fridays 3 - nac0n - Banned till January 6th 2017

                                        2nd Valiant25 Banned till December 16th

Финальные результаты

Победитель: Zombie_Fairy
Достойный противник: Harunator
Возможно в другой раз: Fush

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