Team Hakai Ultra Street Fighter Newcomer's Tournament



1. Ultra Street Fighter 4 Tournament will be a double elimination knock-out tournament.

2. Participants will proceed upon winning Matches.

3. Each Match of the tournament will be played to a best of three Fights.

4. Each Fight will be set to a best of three Rounds.

5. Omega Mode is prohibited.


1. Your name  will be clearly announced prior to each Match. It is the participants own responsibility to listen for his/her name.

2. Once called, a participant must make their way over to the announcing Team Hakai Staff member who will assign a station and Player 1 / Player 2 position  You accept that the Team Hakai staff decision on which station is used and your playing position you are assigned is non-negotiable and final.

4. Once called, a participant will have 2 minutes to get to their position to begin their Match. It is your responsibility to reach the station in time and Team Hakai Staff will not leave the tournament station to look for fighters.

5. Team Hakai Staff reserve the right to forfeit the Match should participants not present themselves at the station after their name is called, regardless of any mitigating circumstances.

6. You will be allowed time to configure your control style at the station prior to your Match  It is your responsibility to make sure this is button configuration is correct and you will NOT be allowed to reconfigure once a Match has begun without forfeiting the Fight.

7. Ultra Street Fighter IV has a set period of time for participants to select a character.  You must choose a character in this period or you will have to proceed with the default selection or forfeit the Fight.

8. Contestants may only change Characters after a lost Fight.

9. Winning contestants must proceed to the next Fight with the same character, you may not change your character based on the losing opponents new selection.


1. If any Team Hakai equipment fails during a Match you must alert a member of staff immediately.

2. Any failure from Team Hakai equipment will result in the affected Fight being replayed.

3. Any failure from a contestants own equipment, will result in the participant forfeiting the Fight. It is your own responsibility to ensure your own equipment is in good working order.

4. Team Hakai Staff can provide participants with a replacement PS3 Joypad  to use should personally owned equipment fail during a Match, but accept no responsibility for replacing damaged joysticks.


1. By entering the tournament you accept that Team Hakai Staff reserve the right to award Byes to further rounds, settle Tie-Breakers and administer Forfeits at their own discretion.

2. You also accept that Team Hakai Staff decisions are final and failure to follow their directions can result in the forfeit of Fights or disqualification from the tournament.

Round Forfeiture

1. If a participant presses PAUSE during a Fight they will immediately forfeit of the Round.

2. Team Hakai Staff will not tolerate excuses attributed to mobile phone rings, itches, sneezes etc. and their decision is final.

Fight Forfeiture

1. If a participant wishes to change the configuration of their controller buttons once a Match has already begun they must forfeit the Fight.

Match Forfeiture

1. If a contestant cannot be located within 2 minutes after his/her name has been called he/she will automatically forfeit the Match.

2. Any participant deliberately attempting to sabotage or damage Team Hakai equipment to restart matches will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.

3. Any persons who attempt to disrupt Matches with verbal or physical abuse of Team Hakai Staff or Tournament Competitors will be disqualified from the tournament and may be removed from the venue.

4. Refusal to play a Fight or committing any disruptive behavior that can delay the tournament will result in forfeiture of the Match regardless of contestant tournament standings.

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