Team GP Cup #2

The Team GP Cup is a $50 bi-weekly cup hosted by Team GP.  Registration is open to all players!

Time: Friday, March 5th at 1530 GMT

Format: Single Elimination Bo3 (Bo5 Grand Finals)

Default Servers: KR and EU (EU vs. KR matches will be on NA)
Map Picks/Bans: Higher-seeded player is A. ABAB-ABC for Bo3, and AB - ABABC for Bo5.

Channel: /join GPCup on KR server.

  • 1st Prize: $30
  • 2nd Prize: $10
  • 3rd-4th Prize: $5

Participants will be seeded by global Aligulac ranking. Check-in begins an hour before the event starts. Walkovers occur at 15 minutes.

Это предварительная турнирная сетка, до начала турнира она может быть изменена .

Код вставки игровой цепочки

Для удаления рекламы необходимо обновиться до Premier badge Challonge Премиум.

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