USF IV Revival PC EU Online Topanga League

  • Группы (8 %rarr; 2) тогда Double Elimination  
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV  
  • November 9, 2018 за 9:00 PM CET  
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After 8 Online tournaments throughout the year, 8 players qualified for the final Topanga Bracket of the USF IV Revival Online Leage.

The rules for the topanga league like round robin that will start on the 9th of November, at 10 pm Uk time. - All the tournament, including the final phase is character locked, only 1 character allowed per player, declared at the start - 99 Seconds, Bo3 rounds, FT7 sets with score differential (each match won matters) - Stage selection is restricted to training mode only - Tied games won't count - If the score goes to 6-6, then the winner will need to either win by two matches (the Deuce) or the winner will be the first player to reach ten total wins. - The ranking will be determined first by total number of victories, head to head record, and finally points (win differential). - There will only be ONE league with ONE bracket, so no League A, League B etc. - The overall first and second place player, will play a FT5 set for Grand Finals (with bracket reset if necessary), The second ranked player will be the one in the loser bracket. - There will be a chance of having one BO3 match as a lag test, if requested by any of the 2 players facing each other. - Once a set has been initiated, it will need to be completed in the same session. If a player was to forfeit before completing the set, the score will be a 7-0 for the opponent. 2 forfeit'd sets will lead to the disqualification of the player from the league. - Lag complaints will need to be expressed to the TO after a match is completed, not between rounds. The TO will try and take all reasonable care to have the players reduce the lag, but ultimately it is an online league and some lag will have to be expected. - The ultimate winner will receive 100€ (or the equivalent in his currency) via paypal.


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