WESG 2018 Philippine StarCraft 2 Qualifiers

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This is the official StarCraft 2 Qualifier to determine the representative of the Philippines for WESG 2018.

In-game Chat Channel: WESGPH (type "/join WESGPH" in the chat)

Players are required to enter the in-game chat channel for coordination with the admins and other players.

Format: Double Elimination. Matches are best-of-three except for Finals which is best-of-five.

Default Server: Singapore - players may agree to play at a different server.

Game speed: Faster

Category: Melee

Locked Alliances: Yes

Size: 1on1

Map Veto Rules:
The player placed at the upper side of the match in the brackets is A and the player placed at the lower side is B. The players take turns banning maps starting with A until 4 maps are removed. Player A then picks the map for Game 1, Player B picks the map for Game 2, and the remaining map is to be played for Game 3.
(Ban: ABAB Pick: AB)


16-bit LE

Dreamcatcher LE

Lost and Found LE

Redshift LE

Darkness Sanctuary LE

Acid Plant LE

Catalyst LE

Victor: Victor is decided by breaking all of the opponent’s buildings, forcing the opponent to

leave the map or calling GG.

Disqualification clauses:

a) Player will be disqualified is he/she does not check in with the admin during the time

provided. Players have 15 minutes to start from the designated start times of their rounds, or designated times which an admin has set, to be ready to play. If said player fails to appear within 15 minutes of the start of the match, they will forfeit game 1 of their set. If an opponent is not present 15 minutes after the match date, the affected player must contact an Admin. This is the fastest way to get a match checked to move on to the next round.

b) Player’s race must be the same as registered, and any changes will result in


Protest Deadline: A protest needs to be made within 10 minutes after the game, or before the next game of a series begins. Failure to do this within 10 minutes will render the match closed and rated as played. No late objections will be taken into account.


a) A player cannot disconnect on purpose without prior approval for the admin or use any

illegal methods to cause disconnections. If found guilty, it will be held as breaking of

rules and punishments will be dealt accordingly.

b) In case of any unforeseen or accidental disconnections:

i) Both players to leave their screens as is, and to record a video as proof of


ii) Restore using replay (admin has the right to decide a 3-5 second buffer time during


Draw scenarios:

a) A draw occurs when both players cannot eliminate each other.

i) If the game time has not reached 20 minutes, a rematch of the map will be held.

ii) If the game time is past 20 minutes, the verdict will be decided using the in-game score, and the player whose score is 20% higher than the opponent will be declared victor, provided if:

(1) There are no more resources remaining on the map.

(2) Both players do not have the army count to finish each other.

iii) If player scores are less than 20% apart, a draw will be called, and a rematch will be


Pause scenarios: In events of exceptional or unforeseen circumstances, each player has 2 mandatory pauses, provided that the admin has been given the reason of the pause. In any other case (after the 2 mandatory pauses), should a player require a pause, it will require approval from the opponent and the admin. Each pause will last a maximum of 3 minutes, and any unnotified pauses will be given a warning and/or punishment.


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