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The Toad Pad's "Highlander EDH Tournament"

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"Highlander EDH Tournament"
Beginning on the 4th & running every other week for 4 week, And at the end "There can be only one" winner
And they will win AN EPIC PRIZE
"Commander 2017 Deck - Vampiric Bloodlust"
Description: As the sole origin of their bloodline, Edgar Markov commands the Markov vampires of Innistrad. With his tremendous influence, Edgar continually expands his vampire army, overwhelming foes with his ageless legion.
Fee to enter is $15.00 
Sign up must be in by 2nd & paid by 4th
Double Elimination till Semi-finals, then Single Elimination

Просмотр турнирной сетки станет доступным после того, как будут зарегистрированы хотя бы два участника.