Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Group Tournament EX 3

  • Groups (10 → 2) then Single Elimination  
  • Street Fighter V  
  • February 25, 2018 за 8:00 PM EST  
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Double Elimination Online Tournament. Matches will start at 8 PM EST and will continue until midnight where any extra matches needed will be done the next day. Also to make things easier I will need everyones CFN to make this whole process alot smoother. Role call for the tournament will begin a 4 PM EST. Good Luck to everyone and lets have some great fights! 

Ruleset will be a modified EVO Ruleset

Rules Settings

  • Rounds: 3
  • Time: 99 seconds
  • Victory Settings: First to 2 
  • Grand Finals: First to 5
  • Winner of Loser's Bracket need a Double Elimination to win.
  • Training Stage, Skies of Honor, Flamenco Tavern, and Kanzuki Beach stage are not tournament legal.
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