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Quake2 World 2x2 TDM tournament

  • 10 Команд
  • Группы (16 → 8) затем Double Elimination
  • Quake 2
  • January 25, 2021 за 10:00 PM MSK


In order to prevent the teams from postponing their matches until the last moment, it was decided to introduce an intermediate deadline of 7.02, at the time of which the team must play at least 5 of its 9 matches. Otherwise, the team receives -1 point for each unplayed match.

Be more active!


Hello players and viewers!

We welcome 10 registered teams and we start the group round, but we can still add new teams (if someone wants to participate) during the first 2 weeks of the tournament, since the round robbin system allows us to do this.

Let me remind you that in the group stage, each team must play with all other teams at any convenient time, the end of the group round on February 15th.

Schedule a match, report it to the WhatsApp group 2х2. Save match demos and screenshots, send them to me with the match results (by discord, whatsapp).

Maplist (after some discussion):

q2dm1, q2dm3, q2rdm1, ztn2dm2, ztn2dm3, match1, q2duel5, bloodrun.

Other rules in the news below (click "full description")

HEY AMIGOS!! It's time for the great battle in tdm 2x2 mode!!

The tournament is OPEN, so everyone is welcome, just find mate and sign up !

Тo register, just write the name and line-up of your team to me in Discord (aid # 9341) or to m.roma[email protected] ..,the same for match results (and screenshots).

Sign ups will be closed January, 24th.

It is quite possible that the tournament will have sponsors and prize money will be added!!

upd/ some prizes have already been added

maybe there is someone willing to top up the prize money? then contact me!

The tournament takes place in two stages: 1 - group stage (Round-Robin), 2 - playoff double.

During the group stage, each team plays against all teams. (Round-Robin type)

The rating of teams based on the results of the first group round is formed by the points earned by the team on each map of the match. 2-0 gives three points, 2-1 - two points, 1-2 - one point, 0-2 - zero points.

The 8 best teams advance to the 2nd round of the playoff double, the bracket of which is based on the principle of 1-8, 2-7, 3-6, etc.

You can see the group stage rating and playoff bracket on this website:

Also, oldschooles papas  like Polosatiy and Сokee are ready to stream us.


The entire group stage is given 1 month.

For the playoffs - 3 days per round.

If you decide to take part in the tournament, do not postpone your games until the last day, be more active.

The teams agree on their own, in controversial moments they provide the admins with the correspondence logs.

But cmon .. we all know each other, hope admins don't need to get involved in disputes

Server settings:

- mods allowed: opentdm

- timelimit: 15

- ot: 2

- powerups (quad/invulnerability/powershield): 1 (ON)

- bfg: 1 (ON)

- fakes are not allowed, any team with fake nick would be removed before seeding.


q2dm1, q2dm3, q2rdm1, ztn2dm2, ztn2dm3, match1, q2duel5, bloodrun.

Map picking rules

1. Home team kick 1 map

2. Away team kick 1 map

3. Away team pick one map of the remaining

4. Home team pick one map of the remaining

In case of a draw (1-1), team with higher frag count decide who start kicking from remaining maps. Played maps are counting in map elimination.


team1 kicked dm1, team2 kicked z2

team2 picked dm3, team1 picked z3

So in case of 1-1 the elimination maplist is:

q2rdm1, match1, q2duel5

And team with best frags count decides who starts elimination.

The match

1. Games are played by BO-3

2. Winner-final and Super-final are played by BO-5

3. Loser final is played by BO-3


All players have to record demos and save screenshots.

For screenshot and demos: Discord (aid # 9341) or [email protected]

Cheats and Allowed clients

Of course cheats are not allowed in this tournament: bot, wallhack, radar, speedcheat, spiked models etc. are prohibited. When caught, cheaters will be BANNED from all q2scene leagues, irc channels and q2 servers.

Allowed clients: * r1q2 b7904 (version not lower than specified)

* q2pro r1504 (version not lower than specified)

Final Results

Icon medal first
Icon medal second
Icon medal third







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