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Switch MatchMaking Tourney 3.3

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Tournament set to start at 7:00 PM PST (10:00 PM EST) on Friday June 14th. Estimated end time at 10:00 PM PST (1:00 AM EST)

Matches are first to three wins (BO5).

  • All interactions between participants will be done through the BlazBlue Cross Tag discord in #switch-matchmaking.
  • Misc games and the entire top portion of the tournament will be streamed. The guaranteed stream portion will be top 8 in a 16+ person tournament or top 4 in a 8-15 person tournament.
  • Stream is on VODs will be uploaded to
  • If you are late to a match and your opponent is looking for you, I will @ you on Discord and from there you have 5 minutes to respond with your situation before you are DQed from the tournament.
  • Competitive Integrity: The Switch does not have many tournaments so it's important that we have a place to gauge just how far your skill has come in a truly competitive environment. As of such any action that may be considered "trolling" (EX: random characters; unusual play; game throwing; etc) is heavily discouraged. Violation of this clause will earn you a warning to stop. Failure to comply will result in a DQ.
  • In line with the above Competitive Integrity clause, if someone claims your connection is hampering their ability to play your connection will be tested by someone (TO; other competitors; outside help).  If your connection is considered unplayable then you will be removed from the tournament.
  • How a DQ is handled: In the event that someone is DQed a substitute may be provided to offer play. If the DQ happens in the early stages of the tournament then an entirely new player may be chosen (if one is found). Later stages of the tournament the substitute can be chosen from any of the players that were eliminated from the DQed players side of the bracket, with the players at the later end of that bracket having priority. If a substitute is not found in a timely manner then the opponent of the DQed player will move on.
  • Due to issues in previous tournaments with DQs I will be preemptively DQing anyone who has had past issues with lagging in the tournament.

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