Brawlout Closed Beta Brawloff NA #8

  • 3 игрок Double Elimination  
  • Brawlout  
  • April 15, 2017 за 6:00 PM BST  
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The game-mode will be Timed Stock

7 mins, 3 stocks.

Before the game use a RPS (rock paper sissors) website to dertimine who will be picking the first map. The loser of the RPS will ban 1 map, and the winner will pick the map to start on. The winner of game will ban 1 map and the loser will pick the next map to play on and so on.


Legal maps are: Forest, Nevada, Aztec and Waterfall

Banned maps: Ice

Each match will be a Best of 3 until Winners Semi-finals and Losers Semi-finals where it will be a Best of 5.

If you lose a round you can change character between rounds, as long as you let you opponent know as soon as the round you just lost is over.

There will be no banned characters (Unless during the patch there is a game-breaking bug with the character.)

Winners Semi-finals and Grand Finals replays need to be sent to Yoehn on Discord

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