Zamie's Catch & Evolve #7.

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Catch and Evolve is a user-created tournament format in which a player will be given a random pre-evolved Pokemon to participate with by the host. The player will then battle the opponent’s randomly selected Pokemon in the OU tier, and the winner will then obtain, or “catch” the opponent’s Pokemon. You then have the choice to “evolve” one of your Pokemon. You will continue to do this throughout the tournament, and those are the basic rules. Also, you can only “catch” one of the opponent’s Pokemon, and you can only “evolve” one Pokemon per match.


The following Pokemon are banned:


- Pokemon that do not evolve or have already evolved.

- Burmy, Caterpie, Combee, Cosmog, Honedge, Kricketot, Magikarp, Scatterbug, Sunkern, Torchic, Tynamo, Type: Null, Weedle, and Wurmple.




Scouting is banned.

Battles have to be played in Gen 7 OU.

Z-moves, Sturdy, Focus Sash and Focus Band are banned for the first round.

Megas and Alolan formes do not count as an evolution.

Финальные результаты

Победитель: homosensorium
Достойный противник: achen0596

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