PC /ggg/ Joke Tournament #7

  • 8 игрок Double Elimination  
  • Guilty Gear Xrd  
  • June 16, 2018 за 7:30 PM EDT  
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These tournaments (for the most part) are not meant to be taken seriously and are for the sake of brightening up our weekends and game-play experience with something fun and different to do. Because of this, any region is allowed to join, be from East Coast, West Coast, Europe, Australia, Japan, ect. Just make sure your connection isn't bad in a way that you'll actually disconnect mid-match.

The rules and objective will be displayed in the Discord when the Discord is made for the sake of being a surprise. I trust you all to fully follow the rules, meet all conditions, and keep track of your own scoring for whatever bullshit I come up with when fighting other players. When the tournament is over, the Discord will be deleted. The more entertaining it is, the better it is for everyone here!

The Tournament will start at 7:30PM Eastern Time. Players must check in 30 minutes before the Tournament starts.

Minigame Edition
-Game rules will depend on what minigame you're thrown into doing
-Room settings will be set to 2 matches, with everything else as normal
-The player on the P1 side of the cab will roll the dice to decide what they're unfortunately forced to do
-In Semi-Finals (Top 4) if Unga Bunga or Faust Suicide is rolled then it will be FT3
-Players in Grand Finals will go through every mini game, with normal scorings. There will be no need to roll the dice for grand finals

(Dice Roll 4-7)  Potemkin Pong
(Dice Roll 8-10)  Unga K Mash
(Dice Roll 11-13)  Leo Pong
(Dice Roll 14-17)  Faust Suicide
(Dice Roll 3) Player 1 can choose any game
(Dice Roll 18) Player 2 can choose any game(edited)
Wolfy美弥子 - Today at 9:20 AM
Potemkin Pong:
-Both players play as Potemkin
1. Player 2 uses slidehead, (236S)
2. Player 1 flicks and spawns projectile, (63214S)
3. Player 2 flicks it back,
4. Player 1 flicks it again,
5. Any player hit after will count towards score
-Whoever gets hit 3 times first looses and can exit the match

Unga K Mash:
-Both players play as Leo
-Try to win by only blocking or mashing 5K
-EDIT: Throw can be used
-Match will be 2 rounds, with FT1

Faust Suicide:
-Both players must use Faust
-Try to kill yourself faster than your opponent, using anything you can
-You can TK the Love bomb with 2369P)
-Match will be 2 rounds, with FT2
-Whoever looses is the winner

Leo Pong:
-Both players play as Leo
1. Player 2 gets ready to reflect (5[HS] for Brynhildr Stance)
2. Player 1 summons projectile ([4]6HS -> 5[HS])
3. Player 2 reflects it (D)
4. Player 1 reflects it
5. Anyone player hit after will count towards score
-Whoever gets hit 3 times first looses, and can exit the match

Финальные результаты

Победитель: miyakowolfy
Достойный противник: Paragon_Dissonance
Возможно в другой раз: Chris

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