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Catch and Evolve (shortly C&E) is a user-made tournament format in which if you win, you can "catch" a Pokémon from your opponent team (adding it to yours) and then evolve one of your team members! 


-All battles must be in gen7 OU.

-Send me a PM to get your starter! 

-Before starting the battle, please send me the battle link or invite me in your battle with the command /invite AlphaWittem

-All moves, abilities, and items are allowed! (Yes, you can use Focus Sash and Z-Moves first round)

-Mega Evolutions and Alolan Forms are allowed! Mega Evolutions DO NOT count as an evolution

-Scouting is not allowed. If you scout you'll be dq from the tournament.

-DO NOT move yourself in the bracket. I'll do once your battle has finished.

-You can reroll your starter ONLY once.

-The following Pokémon are banned, and will be rerolled automatically if they come out (don't worry, in this case if you don't like the automatic reroll you can always decide to reroll your Pokémon) : 

Burmy, Caterpie, Combee, Cosmog, Honedge, Kricketot, Magikarp, Scatterbug, Sunkern, Torchic, Tynamo, Type: Null, Weedle, and Wurmple.

-Keep in mind that if your Pokémon has a Mega Evolution that is Ubers, you CAN NOT Mega Evolve that Pokémon: you must use it in its regular form.

That's all peeps, good luck and have fun!



Финальные результаты

Победитель: hangryy
Достойный противник: TrainerSpyMatt

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