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Date : 8 December Saturday 7pm EST (NA)/ 9 December Sunday  8am SGT/9am KST/11am AEDT

Meet at : NA server (SolsticeSC2) 10 mins before start time

Stream :

Why tourney?

It is almost becoming tradition that I would be thinking of tournaments at this time of the year.  So it comes again :)

Celebrating our love and passion for this game known as Starcraft 2. :)

The number of times players wish to see SC2 beyond just 1v1 games.  How about some competitive 2v2 where we see the full potential of SC2?  Medivacs healing mutas? Cloaking of all team units? Stasis into a nuke? Or just having a buddy to be creative or try-hard with? The possibilities are up to your imagination.

  • Server Guidelines

    • KR/SEA/ANZ vs EU = US Central
    • NA vs EU = US East
    • NA vs NA = US Central (negotiable)
    • NA vs SEA/ANZ = G1 US East/West, G2 AU, G3 US East/West  OR US West for all 3 games *
    • ANZ vs SEA - G1 AU, G2 SEA, G3 AU
    • If both players wish to negotiate otherwise, they must both mutually agree AND inform an admin for approval. Then,  they may alternate servers .  
    • e.g. if both players wish to play on NA Western and NA Eastern, they must mutually both agree and first game hosted on NA Western, 2nd game hosted on NA Eastern etc, unless both players agree mutually to play on a certain server for all their games.
    • *Other compromises such as if US East vs SEA players, then choose US/East, Aus, US/East or US/West for all games are acceptable.  Choose the best compromise for both sides.  If ever in doubt, consult an admin.
    • If in doubt, consult an admin. Admins decision will be final in all cases, especially if notable points are brought up.

Basic Prize Pool [excludes matcherino contributions (max $25 coupons)] (per team)

  • 1st : $60 USD (60%)
  • 2nd : $30 USD (30%)
  • 3rd  : $10 USD  (10%)

*Please provide twitch name details before logging off to an admin (Nemesis, LordofTerrans, Praetorian).  Payouts will be via the Matcherino link [ free coupon code : Nemesis2

**More donations to the current prize pool OR to a sequel to this tournament are welcome.  Donation link can be found via  Matcherino :

Format :

  • Double Elimination if 16 teams and under; BO3 for most UB; BO1 for most LB; BO3 for LB Semis and Finals; BO5 for Grand Finals UB winner starts with +1; Single Elimination if more than 16 teams.
  • Both LB finals and Grand Finals and both Semi-Finals are to be casted; Casters will choose at random a set to cast from the start of tournament otherwise.
  • Vetoes are based on Team 1 vetoes one map followed by Team 2 till 3 maps remaining for BO3 or 5 maps remaining for BO5.  Each team then picks a map and last map remaining is starting map.  Losing team each turn may pick from either one of those 2 maps that was left for the BO3 or the remaining 4 maps for the BO5 etc.
  • Losers Finals, Grand Finals and both Semi-Finals are to be casted; casters will also choose at random a set to cast from the start of tournament

  • Seeding will be by random (shuffled).
  • Players please report 10 minutes before start time to the channel and remember to check-in.  Walkovers or replacements in 15 mins past start time

Map Pool : (Current map pool)

  • Overgrown Facility
  • Ulzaan
  • Emerald City LE
  • Dusty Gorge
  • Traitor's Exile
  • Flooded City
  • Shrines of Lizul

Important guidelines :

  • Sign up as Player1/Player2; Please be honest as good sportsmanship is expected from all players.  We will much appreciate that players do not hide behind mystery names or accounts.  
  • 3 examples on how to sign up are in the brackets e.g. 1 with team name, e.g. 2 without team name, e.g. 3 main player + unconfirmed friend.  Unconfirmed partners must be confirmed before check-in of tourney latest.
  • Cheating  and  severe BM (as decided by the admins) in any form is not tolerated and will result in a disqualification.
  • If Cheating is suspected, alert an admin who will examine the replay(s) especially at the suspected timings.  A decision by the admins will be made after investigation and if cheating is detected, the team caught cheating will be dq'd.  Note that many times suspicious actions are often luck or lack of knowledge on the other end e.g. there was an obs or spotter marine that a medivac flew over which might not been noticed but noticed by the opponent.  So do not jump into cheating accusations without first reviewing your own replay first.

  • If you cannot contact your opponents for 15 minutes, please notify an admin.  

  • Breaks in between games (in a series) should last no longer than 5 minutes unless there is a really valid and important reason, of which upon mutual agreement with the other team, should not take up longer than 10 mins.

  • If a player drops, the game must be recovered 10 seconds before the drop.

  • If a player pauses, they must state the reason, and not take longer than 3 mins. The person must ask if all players are ready and receive responses from all players before resuming.

  • Please report your scores on challonge(brackets) after the match. For any conflicts, please contact an admin.

  • Teams who wish to ladder during the tournament in order to practice and warm up, MUST leave the game immediately in order to expedite the tournament process when the opposing team is ready to play. Players who fail to return within 5 minutes of being messaged in a match will be disqualified.

  • All replays must be saved and be produced/sent to an admin when required.  If your team and opponents thought your games were very exciting and intense and you were not casted, you can have the option of sending the replay(s) to Nemesis and it will be casted at another time or if there is an appropriate moment to do so.

  • ALL team information (names of main players) should be locked in BEFORE the check-ins start 1 hour before start of tournament.  Teams who intend to include a 3rd person as a sub must tell me who he/she is 10 mins BEFORE start of tourney.  No subs may be included after that.  Subs can only be used once to change the team permanently for the rest of the tournament. PM details sub to me via discord, in game or via pm on challonge.

Credits for prize pool:

AfreecaTV, Matcherino

Nemesis, Halt

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