Omlet Warriors 4.5 (Theme Jank)

  • 9 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Super Smash Flash 2
  • May 26, 2019 vid 1:00 PM CST
  • Check in at Pågående
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Hey guys!

Swaggy here and today imma be hostin this shitty tour, remember when i said that i will be hosting a theme tour?
Well it is here

Main rule:
Ur opponent and u can only be permitted to use janky characters
Which are the following ones:
Luigi, Pacman, Goku, Pichu, Luffy, peach, game and aids, sandbag,puff,ness, isaac, pit,kirby, bowser and wario
(1available characters)
If ur opponent doesnt use a janky character from the ones already mentioned, tell it to a TO, of course take in mind it will need the replay and the opponent will be DQ'd

The winner gets the Omlet award from the very janky omlet land tourney which makes it become an official CHAD

SSFlash 2 Rules: (Modified)

* 4 Stocks, 8 minutes

* Items disabled

* Hazards disabled

* Any mod that breaks the game or effects the game in a bad way is banned, Aesthetic mods are allowed.

* All matches are best of 3, except for the top 8, which are best of 5. Top 8 includes Winners Semis, Winners Finals, Losers 7th, Losers Quarters, Losers Semis, Losers Finals, and Grand Finals.

JANK Stages:

Stage list:


            The tournament rules are:

4 stocks for each player

8 minute timer

Items are disabled

Hazards are disabled as well

We'd also like to introduce you a custom ruleset we've made-- with some of the non-legal stages in ssf2, if you want to switch things up!

Note: This shouldn't be tourneys at all...for a reason these stages were labeled as not legal in tournaments.

(But since this is  theme tour...):

-First, please...no circle camping. It makes the game a lot more boring for your opponent to the point of it being unfun.

-Second, and last, please don't do the classic "jabbing you against the wall" thing, its the same as circle camping except more unfair.

In this ruleset, the starters are:

            Galaxy Tours

            WarioWare Inc.

            Jungle Hijinx

            Sky Sanctuary Zone

            Saturn Valley

As for the counterpicks, the ones are:

            Emerald cave

            Hylian skies

            Yoshi's Island

            Clock Town

            Lunar Core

Important Note:

Both ToS and Waiting room will be enabled for gentleman picking if lag a

* Set Procedure

    * The players will decide who hosts the room for the first game. The players will alternate hosts between each game.

    * Players will double-blind pick their first characters.

    * Players will use the 1-2-1 striking system to determine which neutral stage to use for the first game. The player who's not hosting the room will strike first.

    * For all subsequent games, the winning player will strike 3 stages (Bo5s will strike 2) from the list above and the losing player will counterpick from the remaining stages. The winner will then announce their character, followed by the loser.

    * In the case of a nullified game, the winner of the previous non-nullified game will strike, and the loser will counterpick. The host will not change.

    * A player cannot counterpick a stage if they previously won on it during the same set (Dave's Stupid Rule).

    * Gentleman's Clause is in effect. Any stage may be chosen if both players agree to it.
 *Overtime Clause - In the event that the allotted time for a set has been exceeded, the player with the most games won at that time will be deemed the victor. If the score is tied, the players will hold a 1 stock, 3 minute game to determine the victor. (Thanks goml/fed)

* Stalling

        * Stalling is banned and will result in the forfeiture of the current game being played. Stalling is defined as intentionally delaying the game as to make it unplayable. This includes:

        * Excessively going under and around a stage for purposes other than recovery, AKA scrooging

        * Continuing an infinite combo/chaingrab past 300%

        * Using invincibility/intangibility glitches, to remain invincible/intangible for more than 30 seconds at a time.

        * Using freeze glitches to freeze you or your opponent's character.
        * Using stall strategies that include planking for over 20 seconds, For example Kirby regrab ledge stall at ledges and Samus ledge stall. (The chars incl in the examples are not only limited to these chars.)

        * Stalling does not include hanging around in the air.

* Lag

    * If severe lag issues occur, the offending player will play with the graphics tuned to the lowest possible setting.

    * If the players still lag, either player may request a speedtest, in which both participants will test their respective connections. To be considered valid, this action must be taken before the second game is started. If a player's result is considered unsuitable for competitive play, I will disqualify them from the match.

    * To be considered unsuitable, one of the following must apply:

    * The player has less than 8Mb/s download speed

    * The player has less than 2Mb/s upload speed.
    * The player has more then 50 ping.

    * If both players pass the speedtest, their connections shall be tested one or more TOs, If Distance is the issue, The player will be able to recieve a test from a player on the same region in the bracket

    * Any tester who denies that a player lags will forfeit their right to lag clause said player for the rest of the tournament.

    * If both players fail either test, they will both be dropped from their current bracket. The higher seed will advance to the next round before being dropped.

    * If a set takes longer than 30 minutes (or 45 Minutes for a bo5), I will personally determine the outcome of the set based on replay information and past tournament results. If this occurs because of lag, I will advance the player who has a better connection, regardless of the current results of the set. This is a warning to all of you people out there who attempt to compete with a toaster on dial-up connection.

* Desynchs

    * If the players desynch, the game will be replayed on the same stage with the same characters. In the case where at least one stock was lost before the desynch, both players will start the game with the same number of stocks that they had at the time of the desynch. If an argument arises over desynching, I will determine if the game should be nullified. If I find that one player intentionally throws a game in an attempt to emulate a desynch, I will immediately advance their opponent, regardless of the current score. If there is no replay information, I will make a judgment based on past behavior of both participants.

    * If the players desynch twice on one game, it is considered "nullified" and will not count against either player.

    * If the players are unable to successfully connect with each other after three attempts, I will advance the player with the better connection. To make things simple, we will use speedtest to determine the winner. In this case, it does not matter if both players have a good connection. The better connection will move on, no matter what.

* Browser Clause

    * Web version of the game will not be tolerated for this tournament, meaning insta-DQ. Use the install/portable version instead.

* Condescending Ignorant Disrespectful Human (C.I.D.H.) Clause

    * If a player excessively disrupts the progression of the tournament, whether intentional or not, they will be barred from entering future Waluigiware events. The length of this ban will be based on the severity of the disruption. 
What is considered to be excessive disruption is up to the discretion of the TO, but may include the following:

    * Dropping out of the event without notifying the TO.

    * Delaying further matches by unnecessarily contesting the outcome of an argument after a TO has already made a decision on the matter.

    * Putting down the wrong score for a particular set, especially if another player gets wrongfully eliminated because of it.

    * Dropping a set with the intention of bracket manipulation or collusion with other players.

    * Dropping out of the tournament just to spite the TOs.

    * Uploading malicious files as match attachments.

    * Entering the tournament under more than one name.

Dunce Cap Clause:

The following rules must be respected at any time during the tournament inside and outside of the server, if a player is caught breaking any of these rules they will be dropped from his current round, if they are caught doing it again after being dropped they will go under ban consideration under Admin's/TO's discretion: *Calling a player out on lag on a disrespectful manner, players are able inform their fellow contestants and TO's about a player's internet connection in a respectful manner. *Verbally attacking a player for whatever reason making usage of highly disrespectful language. *Racism, Sexism and any other kind of discrimation if players in question don't have that kind of relation


Any player that is caught alting and/or impersonating during the tournament will not only be banned on spot and dropped from the tourney, but all the previous sets played by the Alt will be dropped, that means player will appear as Loser on Round 1 and Loser again on LR1, and all the people he previously defeated will stay on the sets they were defeated by the alt.

PTC : Letting other people play for you on YOUR account and challonge account is banned, And will result in you being permanently banned from ALL future events unless the host says otherwise. 

Cheat Engine : Any Player caught using Cheat Engine or any other FPS (Speed Hacking / Lag Switching Tool or Method) will be permanently banned from the event instantly, and will receive a few months ban for the next events, In order to locate usage of cheat engine, look at the FPS of the game, and see that they are consistent without drops, In order to report it please record and send to a TO, If you got Windows 10, you can record with Home + G.

* Other Rules

    * If time runs out, the person with the most stocks left wins. If both players have an equal number of stocks, whoever has a lower percentage wins. If the percentage is also equal, play a 1-stock 3 minute match with the same characters on the same stage to determine the winner. Repeat as necessary.

    * If the match ends with both characters dying simultaneously when they are each on their last stock, the winner will be determined by the results screen.

    * If a player intentionally disconnects from their opponent during a game, it will count as a win for their opponent. The only exception to this rule is if a reset is necessary due to an error during the game's setup (wrong players, characters, stages, stock count, or time limit; hazards and items are not disabled; sudden death/waiting room glitch; etc.).

    * If the players unintentionally disconnect, the game is to be replayed with the same characters, stage, and stock counts.


        * All top 8 games that do not have replays are considered "nullified", and must be replayed.

        * This rule does not apply if I do not catch the players fast enough (if another game has already been played out, for example).

Banned Players : (These players caused Issues in previous tournaments causing them to be banned from Omlet tours)



Warned Players : (These players have been problematic in previous events)



(i will remove whoever disproves their "faults" from SI 5-3 before 10 if they can)

Potato List : (These players are known to have a really bad connection, they must provide a speed test before the tourney begins)






This bracket is a preview and subject to change until the tournament is started.

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