Marvel vs. Capcom - Battle of Titans
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Feb 25, 2019

All regions are welcome that are 200 ping or less (Exceptions can be made with discussions). Top 8 advance (If less than 10 players, top 4 advance).

8 round swiss. Shorter if less than double digit players, but depending on the situation.

Swiss rounds are 2/3. Top 8 are 3/5, Grand Finals are first to 5.

Version: Marvel vs. Capcom - Clash of Super Heroes (Euro)

You MUST have a challonge account, check in at the Marvel vs. Capcom Group Room.

You MUST be in the Marvel vs. Capcom Fightcade room when you're called, if you are not here after your name is called 3 times, you will take a loss the first time as a warning. And if you are not here the second time, you will take another loss and your tournament entry is voided.

Please do not try to cheat during the tournaments, examples are intentionally lagging, lag switches. Anything confirmed that result in cheating might result users being banned from future tournaments.

If your Challonge name is different than your Fightcade name, please let me know so I know who you are.

Time: Friday at 6:00 PM PST/9 PM EST.

YouTube Archive - 

Twitch -

Check-in: 30 minutes before start time. 

Please report your scores, if there are errors, I'll provide assistance to change it.

Report any suspicious activity.

Spanish: What's 8 round Swiss

You play 8 others?

Solo se permite estados de Mexico, Estados unidos, y canada. Ping de 200 o menos. Pero puede a ver opportunidad si preguntan. 

Los mejores 8 avanzan ( si menos de 10 jugadores, los mejores 4 avanzan) Las primeras rondas se juegan los mejores 2 de 3 juegos. Despies Los 8 avanzados juegan los mejores 3 de 5 juegos. Y al final los ultimos dos juegan primero a 5 . Tienes que registrar un "username", en la pagina CHALLONGE Tendras que estar en el cuerto de Marel vs Capcom porque te van a llamar. Te llamaran tres veces, si no apareces , entonces pierdes y no te daran otra opportunidad de entrar en los torneos en el futuro. No trampas como lagear los juegos.

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