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Scuf BOTG Series - MW3

  • 16 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • Game not specified
  • October 14, 2017 at 1:00 PM EDT


cronusMAXIMUM: Pandur Moti Xotic johnny

BDR: Scump, Karma, Ricky, MerK

Blast Radius: Blfire Saint methodz Mosh

Executive Decisions: Temp Classic Slasher Happy

New Breed - LilFGP, TTinyy, Kluey, KickZeM

LGhost: Slacked, Spacely, John, BoZe

RisE6: Bevils TJ Aqua Loony

Greg & The Boys: Sinful, Royalty, Faithful, Stevey

Liam Neeson: Swan, Clayton Bynotix, Loon3y

Varsity: DopePlay JayPandaBear JEESTER JakeGud

Donut Shop: Goon, Gucci, Chino, Parasite

NexT Threat: Shini, r7ual, JerK H, HorriFicK

Pinkwall: Impulse, Pamaj, Revex, Paradise

LvG: Aches, Fero, Blazt,

TeamEU: infused Luke, fabE DEVR, Mcleann, SunnyBMw3

Guac Grind: Proofy, Twizz, Hurt, Deluxe


Higher seed hosts maps 1,2,

Lower seed hosts maps 3,4

Team with most SnD rounds hosts 5th map. 

If tied, team with most CTF flag caps hosts 5th map. 

If still tied, higher seed hosts map 5.

In grand finals, the team that comes from winner's bracket will act as the higher seed. 

In the event of a bracket reset, the team coming from Loser's bracket will act as the higher seed.

Strictly North American host... the only exception is "Team EU" will host first map of the series, and play off host for the rest of the series.

[Reminder: Set "Join In Progress" to Not Allowed in private match]


Base Bans:

Guns: Type 95, All shotguns, Riot Shield, Launchers, Thermal LMGs

Attachments: Grenade Launcher, Akimbo, Shotgun, Heartbeat Sensor, Rapid Fire

Equipment: Everything except Frag, Semtex, Flash, Stun, Smokes

Perks: Everything except Dead Silence, Quickdraw, Extreme Conditioning, Sleight of Hand, Scavenger

Capture The Flag:

Wave Spawn = Disabled
Respawn delay = 7.5
Killstreaks = Disabled
Friendly Fire = Enabled
Spectator = Team Only
[If CTF is tied at the end of regulation, STOPWATCH Overtime will be played]

Play the first round of OT and stop playing the moment either team caps the first flag. Make note of the time it took to capture. The game is ended and the opposing team must cap a flag sooner than that time, or they lose. Also if the original team caps on the second side, the game is over.

If no one caps in the first round at all, then whoever caps first in the second round wins.

If nobody caps at all in either round (or they cap in exactly the same time), then they have to replay both OT rounds with the same rules as above.

Search and Destroy:
Round Timer = 2.5 minutes
Plant Time = 7.5 seconds
Defuse Time = 7.5 seconds
Round switch = Every round
Killstreaks = Disabled
Friendly Fire = Enabled

Gametype Format:


WR1: Underground, Dome, Bootleg, Arkaden, Hardhat

WR2: Dome, Lockdown, Carbon, Bootleg, Terminal

WR3: Lockdown, Arkaden, Underground, Dome, Bootleg

WR4: Terminal, Bootleg, Arkaden, Lockdown, Hardhat

LR1: Dome, Bootleg, Arkaden, Lockdown, Carbon

LR2: Underground, Seatown, Bootleg, Arkaden, Hardhat

LR3: Terminal, Dome, Carbon, Arkaden, Lockdown

LR4: Arkaden, Bootleg, Dome, Lockdown, Underground

LR5: Seatown, Arkaden, Bootleg, Dome, Terminal

LR6: Carbon, Lockdown, Hardhat, Bootleg, Arkaden

GF: Hardhat, Arkaden, Underground, Bootleg, Carbon

GF Reset: Terminal, Dome, Bootleg, Lockdown, Arkaden

Final Results

Icon medal first
Icon medal second
Icon medal third















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