LEG Hunting Club 4V4 Black Ops II Tournament

  • 9 player Single Elimination  
  • Unspecified game  
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LEG Battlegrounds present:

4v4  Black Ops 2 Variant Online Tournament

32 Team Tournament   

In order to take part in this tournament you must follow us on twitter @theOfficalLeg or www.Legunderground.com for updates and information about this online tournament.

All teams must have present their team captain's info and email address one day before the tournament

Your must use a your team name or your username must be your Xbox Live gamertag. This will be a 4v4 Black Ops 2 Variant Online Tournament that will take place @ 3 p.m. Central (4 p.m. Eastern) on June 8, 2013

We will Use Variant Tournament Maps


**Tokens can be used for Furture Online LEG Battlegrounds Tournaments   


Tournament Prizes 

1st place

$50.00 & One LEG Online Tournament
Team Pass


2nd place

$30.00 LEG Tokens

3rd Place

$25.00 LEG Tokens


4th Place

$20.00 LEG Tokens


**In the event of a tie overtime will be played in order to establish a winner.


Search & Destroy

Time Limit: 1.5 Minutes

Rounds to Win 6

Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds

Plant Time: 5 Seconds

Defuse Time 7.5 Seconds

Multi Bomb: No

Switch Side: Every Round


Capture the Flag

Win Condition: Total Flag Captures

Time Limit: 5 Minutes

Respawn Delay: 5 Seconds

Capture Limit: 10 flags

Round Limit: 2 Rounds

Enemy: Carrier: Delayed

Auto Return Time: 30 seconds

Pickup Time: Instant

Return Time: Instant


Time liimit: 10 Minutes

Score Limit: 250 Points

Teams: 2

Hardcore: Off

Lifetime: 1 Minute

Capture Time: None

Activation Delay Time: None

Locations: Linear Order

Scoring: Constant

Respawn Delay: None

Force Respawn: Yes

Wave Spawn Delay: None

LEG Online Tournament Settings and Rules


Banned Weapons

Banned Lethals
Bouncing Betty
Tacticals Insertion


Banned Lethals



Bouncing Betty


Banned Tacticals

Tactical Insertion

Shock Charge


Banned Attachments


Select Fire (For FAL and SMR only)

Banned Perks




Here is a list of Banned Scorestreaks

Hunter Killer


Counter UAV


Care Package

Orbital VSAT

Game Settings
Scorestreaks: Enabled
Hardcore Mode:
Killcam: Enabled
3rd Person Spectating: Disabled
Fire: Enabled
MiniMap/Radar Always On: Normal
Battlechatter: On
Explosive Delay: Off


General Settings

Party Privacy: Invite Only
Team Change In-Game:  Not Allowed
Dynamic Map Elements: No (Enabled in SMD)
Revenge Voice: No
ScoreStreaks: Allowed
Friendly Fire: On
Game Recording: On

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Currently signed up 9 of 16 slots filled

Zero Gravity (HuMpSs, Fuziion zG)
Team Ravage (RvG Blindy, RvG TiLL, RvG Dallen, RvG HARDIN)
eL.1Chance - Krunk bw, A51Taz, A51 Sleaze, A51 BeNUhDryL, Roidz 1C
Aeon Gaming - 1. itz oDrewski 2. I love Mollys 3. Tactic Hybrid 4. Four outta ten