Luchador Mexican Wrestling Dice Tag-Team Championships

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UK Games Expo 2017, Birmingham

Tag-Teams of two players, wanna be Luchador! wrestlers (gamers), with a Mexican Tag-Team Name, possibly costumes too, throw dice in the 3D ring and use their wrestlers special skills to KO or Pin their opponents.

The winners get very cool prizes donated by global TV wrestling show, "Lucha Underground".


Prizes have been Kindly Donated by Lucha Underground and are as follows:
2 t-shirts (size XL)
1 snapback hat
1 keychain
1 patch set
2 stickers
In addition we will give the winning team a copy of Luchador! with the 3D wrestling ring.PORTANT: When booking, two people MUST book under 'one Team name', so one point of contact email.

We would encourage all participants to get into the spirit of the Luchador, by wearing Luchador masks, cloaks, costumes etc. (please keep it decent)

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Los Dos Banditos
Team Jolly