Tooth & Nail presents: NA vs EU QC Sacrifice Tournament

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Tooth & Nail presents: Battle of the Continents

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. We may expand to more teams if interest is high, there will be a waiting list, but it's not guaranteed. 

Tournament will use the Church of Quake Discord server for coin flips and communication (including confirming which region you are from), joining the COQ server is REQUIRED:

@cashedcheck is my username on discord. 


8 teams - 4 NA and 4 EU 

Bring your own team - 4 players per team

Double elimination - BO3 winners and losers bracket, BO5 grand final

Server choice - NA East or EU West. Must ping less than 170 to both servers. Winner of coin flip gets home field advantage for first game, switches to the other server for next game. In the event of a third game, team with more overall rounds won or higher percentage scored if round scores are even. For grand final, winners bracket finalist picks first server and alternates afterwards. 

Map Pool: Blood covenant, Burial Chamber, Lockbox, Ruins of Sarnath, Tempest Shrine

Winner of coin flip picks a map and bans a map. Following team does the same. Remaining map is tie breaker. For grand final, winner bracket finalist picks first map and alternates afterwards. 

Teams must check in or face disqualification. 

Disconnects will be given 10 minutes to reconnect. If unable to reconnect, team with all members present can force a forfeit or accept a 3v3. 

Teams are allowed 2 disconnects. A 3rd disconnect will result in a forfeit or 3v3. If team with 2 disconnects has another disconnect in a 3v3 they are automatically disqualified. 

We'll attempt to have referees for each match. They will document rounds scored, percentages scored, and disconnects. 

We encourage streaming, no delay is required. 

*We reserve the right to change these rules at any time to improve the experience for all*

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