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Doombringer NA Cup #1

  • 2 Players
  • Double Elimination
  • November 10, 2019 at 7:00 PM CET
  • Check in at Underway Now

Checkin starts 11:00 AM CT.

Start time 12:00 PM CT (19:00 CET) Sunday November 10th.


Tastyspleen stream page:

Tournament rules:

1. Tournament will be requiring players using the latest version of Doombringer.

2. All participants must sign up on the challonge page.

3. All signed up players must log into the  Doombringer Discord channel before the tournament commences and remain until all your games are completed. 

4. Doombringer team will be providing servers hosted in Europe. 

5. All games must have demos and results recorded using the cvars:

cl_autodemo 1

cl_autoscreenshot 1

These can also be checked using the in game options->misc menu.

6. Following the games, all demos and scoreboard screenshots must be submitted to Kristus on Discord.

7. In the event of a disconnect.

  • If a player disconnects before the 5 minute mark and no frags has been awarded. The match will be replayed.
  • If a player disconnects after the 5 minute mark and no frags has been awarded. The match will be replayed with the time limit set to 5 minutes.
  • If a player is ahead in frags and disconnects the match is replayed.
  • If a player is losing in frags and disconnect, the leading player wins.

8. Admins reserve the right to remove players from the tournament.

9. Admins reserve the right to make rulings on case by case basis in the event of unforeseen complications arise.

Map pool: 

duel 1:Machinations of Purgatory 

duel 2: Toxicity

duel 3: Aerowalk

gt4: gt4_tx1db by Greed

fatamorgana: Fata Morgana by Terifire

Price pool:

1st: $30

2nd: $20

3rd: $10

Tournament structure:

Tournament will be double elimination. Round 1 of upper bracket will be best of 3, following rounds will be best of 5. 

Lower bracket will be best of 5. 

Map voting:

Players will cointoss to decide who picks first. 

Bo3 round will be A pick, B pick, B drop, A drop. 

Bo5 round will be A pick, B pick, B pick, A pick. 

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