Friday night Direct Strike(3v3)

By entering into this tournament, you agree to the following Rules and Regulations.

Channel: BaseTradeTV (/join basetradetv)

Server: NA (central)

you must fill out THIS FORM to participate in this event. Teams on the bracket that have not filled out the form will be removed at start time.

Teams may be made on the discord in the #direct-strike-LFT channel, or 30 minutes before event in the chat channel BaseTradeTV. Team name  format for challonge should be[Team Name(player1,player2,player3)]

Please name your teams(bonus seeding for being funny)- the player name in title requirement is removed because of the form stated above.

1st round bo1, all other round bo3.

Direct Strike leaver Rules:

If a player disconnects all other players must disconnect and the game must be recovered from replay 2 seconds before the disconnect occured.

    In game Chat rules:

    • In game chat and banter is perfectly fine.
    • Should chat go too far warnings may be issued(if no admin in game take screenshots)
    • A team that is warned 2 times will be removed from the event

    Really long game rule

    • if a game lasts 45 minutes the team that has gotten the most minerals wins.

    Prize: $195 + premium codes

    • 1st place team ($50 per player)    $150.00
    • 2nd place team ($15 per person)    $45.00
    • 3rd & 4th place teams all get premium codes

    Final Sonucu

    Yüce Kazanan: DIRSTK
    Yaraşır Düşman: Team Squirters

    Çizelge Yerleştirme Kodu

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