• Players
  • Format
    Double Elimination
  • Game
    Rivals of Aether
  • Start
    May 27, 2018 at 7:00 PM CDT
  • Check-in
    6:30 - 7:00
Organized by

There are no fancy rules here. This will basically function like an NCS tournament, and the rules are practically the same. If you've ever participated in an NCS tournament before(NAS, NCS, ECS, WCS), you already know everything this ruleset will say, because they're exactly the same. If you've never participated in one of those tournaments, read the ruleset below.

Everyone on the server can participate in this tournament, but they must use Orcane!

The winner will get a unique role on the server for a month, displayed proudly above the Lords of the Ocean, and in the color of your choosing.


To begin, you must sign up on the Challonge page, which you are on. Then, half an hour before the designated start time(listed above), you must return and check-in. If you do not check-in, Challonge will automatically remove you from the tournament, and you will not be able to participate. No exceptions.

You are free to sign up for any tournaments you think you might possibly be able to participate in. If you end up being unable to enter the tournament, simply do not check-in, and you’ll be removed automatically.

Your Challonge name should be very close to your Steam name, if not identical. This makes matchmaking easier.

A tournament admin will announce on Discord when the Challonge bracket is final. This should happen within just a minute or two of the designated start time.

It is strongly recommended that you and your opponent conduct a connection test before beginning your set. If lag is a problem, contact a tournament admin, and we will try to resolve it and take appropriate action if need be.

After each SET, you must go to the Challonge page, find your set on the bracket, and report the score and winner. It doesn’t matter how accurate it is, as long as you list the proper winner(ie, your set could’ve been 2-1, but you can report 2-0 if you want, as long as you list the right winner).


This tournament will use default game settings. This means that all games will feature 3 stocks and an 8 minute time limit.

Stage choice also follows default rules. In the first game, you and your opponent will go back and forth, striking stages until one remains. In subsequent games, the previous winner will strike one stage, and the loser will choose from the remaining stages. In Grand Finals of each tournament, if there is a second set, you must back out of the current lobby and reform it so as to reset stage selection.

After you have won on a stage, you cannot return to that stage by your own choice until you have won on another stage. For example, if you won Game 1 on Tower of Heaven and you then lost Game 2, you could NOT choose Tower of Heaven during Game 3. However, your opponent may choose that stage if they wish. For example, if you won Game 1 on Tower of Heaven, your opponent may choose Tower of Heaven as Game 2’s stage.

All sets will be Best of 3 until top 8. Top 8 will feature Best of 5 sets. If there are 8 or fewer players, all sets will instead be Best of 5 sets.

Every player must use Orcane.

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.