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You must stream your races, and they will be mirrored on one of the SpeedGaming channels. Ensure you have nothing over your game feed and no audio except for game audio when you are racing. It is also recommended that you locally save your race-stream file in the event that your stream is disconnected and you are “proofcalled” on your time. Once the race is completed, please contact the tournament admin to update the standings and times.

Second annual Star Wars Episode I: Racer tournament Ruleset

Seeding is based off of the group phase performance.

The structure is as follows:

Winner's Bracket:

1st (1) vs 4th (2)

2nd (1) vs 3rd (2)

1st (2) vs 4th (1)

2nd (2) vs 3rd (1)

Loser's Bracket:

5th (1) vs Loser Game 1

6th (1) vs Loser Game 2

5th (2) vs Loser Game 3

6th (2) vs Loser Game 4

Group 1 Round Robin Results: https://challonge.com/9ri6rq6j

Group 2 Round Robin Results: https://challonge.com/s7uuq9j0


  1. Matches will be scheduled by players themselves and submitted to the SpeedGaming website (http://speedgaming.org/swe1racer/submit/). Deadline for this group phase is August 9th.

  2. Matches can be scheduled in any order. Round number order does not need to be followed.
  3. The 1v1 match format will be best of 9 in the group stage and the early bracket stages and best of 13 for Winners-,Losers- and Grandfinal

  4. Make sure you are in the Podracing discord! https://discord.gg/28vrDPM

  5. The original game version must be used (no mods except for the approved multiplayer mod)

  6. You must cap your fps between 24 and 60. Do not go below 24 or above 60.

  7. No pausing allowed while a race is underway. If you accidentally pause, unpause immediately. If you pause a 2nd time, however, you will lose that track regardless of time at the end.

  8. No OoB and skips (except for Ibanna OoB finishes). However, if a skip is forced, you must pick a track that actually has a skip. List can be found at https://www.speedrun.com/swe1r/thread/pq7q4.

  9. Being late to your race will have consequences unless you have a valid reason for being late (real life emergency). The degree of punishment is up to the admins discretion.

  10. Extended breaks are not allowed during matches (more than 2 minutes). Breaks may be extended at admin discretion.

  11. Respect your opponent! Racism, discrimination, sexism or harassment of any kind will result in disqualification.

  12. You must be able to stream your race footage live, quality doesn't have to be good but it needs to be relatively fluid footage.

  13. Seeding into the bracket phase is determined by the number of wins in the group phase relative to the others in your group.

  14. Top 4 in the group will move onto the winner's bracket, 5th and 6th will move into the loser's bracket and 7th will be eliminated.


  1. First Track
    To select a circuit, a chance cube is rolled (coin flip) to decide who starts banning circuits. Each player alternates banning circuits until the loser choses the final ban, leaving one circuit remaining. 

  2. If the remaining circuit is the Invitational Circuit, the loser starts track ban. Otherwise, the winner starts the track ban. Each player alternates bans until one track remains. Any pod can be used. No skips.

  3. Permabans

After the first race of each set, both players may ban two tracks. Those bans are in effect for the rest of the match.

  1. Temp bans
    Following the first race and each subsequent race, the loser of the previous track bans 1 pod, the winner bans 1 track, the loser picks the track, then the loser may force either No Upgrades or skips. These selections are in effect only for the following race. Each player has 2 forces per match (3 in Bo13)

  2. Salty Runback
    Once per match, each player may choose to replay a track only if they have previously lost on that track in the match. Outside of this selection, no duplicate tracks may be selected. 

  3. The first player to achieve 5 wins is the winner! (7 in a Bo13).

  4. You are encouraged to schedule your matches at least 24 hours in advance (via speedgamings system).

  5. Matches may not be rescheduled within 24 hours of their scheduled start time without admin permission.

  6. Having a mic is preferable for the ban phases but not 100% necessary.

Final Results

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