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Ingame channel: #DHde18

StarCraft II WCS Pre-season Tournament Ruleset

1.0 Participation

2.0 Format

    2.1 Competitors  

    2.2 Tournament structure

    2.3 Bracket

3.0 Prize pool

   3.1 Prize claims

4.0 General rules

    4.1 Availability

    4.2 Administrators

    4.3 Server

    4.4 Game preparations

    4.5 Disconnects & Computer failures

    4.6 Replays

    4.7 Complaints

    4.8 Maps & veto

    4.9 Punishments

5.0 Ingame rules

    5.1 Chatting

    5.2 Game settings

    5.3 Bugs & fair play

    5.4 Observers and streaming

    5.5 Pausing

    5.6 Draws and stalemates

6.0 Media


To be able to participate in StarCraft II WCS Circuit at DreamHack you need the following:

a) Must be eligible to compete in WCS Circuit Events; details found here

b) You need to have signed up using the form below

c) You need to be accepted as eligible and receive an email confirming your slot in the tournament (There are 64 open slots, any further signups will be placed on the waitlist)

d) You must purchase a DreamHack visitor ticket to enter the event and play in the tournament.


2.1 Competitors: Open sign-ups.

2.2 Tournament Structure: Players will be seeded into the open bracket based on final 2017 WCS Points.

2.21 Day 1 – Open Bracket

All players through open sign-up.

Matches are Best of 3.

Play until the ro16, where groups are made for Day 2.

2.22 Day 2  – Double Elimination Groups

16 players from Day 1 Open Bracket. Placed into groups based on 2017 WCS Point rankings.

Matches are Best of 3.

Dual-tournament groups, top 2 advance

2.23 Day 3 – Single Elimination Top 8 Bracket

8 players from Day 2 Groups.

Matches are Best of 5.

Single elimination bracket, top 4 earn qualification to WCS Leipzig.

2.6.1 Seeding – Groups into Top 8 bracket

Players are grouped into two initial columns: Pool 1 (first in group), for those who finish 2-0, and Pool 2, for those who finish 2-1 (second in group). Each Pool will have 8 players.

Players are then ranked by WCS points within these two groups, with KR points NOT counting toward ranking.

The top 4 by rank in Column 1 are placed in Group 1A. The bottom 4 players by rank in Column 1 are placed in Group 1B. The same is done for the pool of players who finished second.

Each player from group 1A is matched RANDOMLY against a player from group 2B. EXCEPTION: Players in the Round of 16 will not be matched against opponents from their Round of 32 Group.

Each player from group 1B is matched RANDOMLY against a player from group 2A. EXCEPTION: Players in the Round of 16 will not be matched against opponents from their Round of 32 Group.

Bracket is then arranged based on seeding for column 1.

You can see this chart for full explanation including diagrams.

3.0 Prize Pool

1. $1,600 + 200 WCS points

2. $1,200 + 140 WCS points

3-4. $800 + 90 WCS points

5-8. $600 + 60 WCS points

9-16. $400 + 30 WCS points

3.1 Prize Claim

Upon finishing in the top 16 players must provide DreamHack with full name and contact information to ensure prize claims can be made.



Players have to be in the in-game chat channel and out-game chat channel at all times.


Players should always address the administrators and each other in a polite and respectful way.

An administrator has the final say in all matters. When the administrator says the word is final, the word is final and cannot be overruled.

Under extreme circumstances administrators reserve the right to change the rules.


All games must be played on the LotV server.


Should a player be late (more than 10 minutes) for the start of a tournament match, the player will forfeit the first game of the match.

If a player is more than 15 minutes late for the first match of the tournament, the player will be disqualified.

The players are allowed a 5 minute break between the series in the tournament.

Administrators reserve the right to change these timings if circumstances require it.


The LotV recover game from replay feature will be used in case of a disconnect by technical failure. If for some reason it does not work, see following rule:

If either player disconnects from the game due to technical reasons and the game is heavily favoured to the extent that the game would definitely have been won by one player an administrator may rule the game in favour of said player. Should the game be too close to call, it will be replayed.


You are not allowed to send your replays to a third party, sharing replays with anyone except tournament administration staff is strictly prohibited.


If a player wants to make a complaint about a game result, the player has to tell the administrator assigned to the match immediately following the game.

If a player wants to object a game result ruled by an administrator, this has to take place immediately following the game.


The tournament map pool will be set by as the current official ladder map pool. Every tournament game will be played on maps from the tournament map pool only.

The map choice is based on veto, with seeds being determined by overall WCS points, where the higher seeded player chooses between being Player A and Player B:


For all Best-of-3 games matches, Player A must veto one map first, then Player B must veto two maps, and then Player A must veto one more map. The vetoed maps will not be played in the match. Player B must choose the game 1 map and then Player A must choose the game 2 map. The game 3 map will be the map that hasn’t been chosen or vetoed. The high seeded player chooses which player is Player A and Player B


For all Best-of-5 games matches, Player A must veto one map first and then Player B must veto one map. The vetoed maps won’t be played in the match. Next, the players must alternate choosing each game’s map, starting with Player A choosing the game 1 map. The game 5 map will be the map that hasn’t been vetoed or chosen for games 1-4. The high seeded player chooses which player is Player A and Player B


For all Best-of-7 games matches, there will be no vetoes. Players must alternate choosing each game’s map, starting with Player A choosing the game 1 Map. The high seeded player chooses which player is Player A and Player B


Should a player purposely attempt to sabotage the games, another player or an administrator in any way, the player will be disqualified.

Bad behaviour towards other players, administrators or the audience may result in a disqualification.



No excessive chatting is allowed in the game. If the need to chat occurs the players must be straight to the point and polite. Ideally the only chat in each game will be in the start and when a player surrenders the game.

No chat is ever permitted from a player to an outside party during a tournament match, or from an outside party to the player, unless the outside party is an administrator.

After a few minutes, typing GG in the game means that the player surrenders, and the opponent wins. After it is typed the player must leave the game immediately.


Each game must be played in Faster mode.

Every player must set their online status to Busy.

Every player must turn off notifications.

Every player must use full screen or windowed fullscreen.

Each player must use default skins.

With the start of a game, receive message only from friends must be off so admins can reach you

No other IM applications, or streams are allowed to be running in the background.

The automatic replay saving functionality must be enabled.

All players are required to join a special Tournament channel given at the location.


No abuse of bugs in the game is allowed in any tournament match.

If a player is clearly allowing the opposite player to win, said player may be warned or disqualified pending how clearly the match was lost on purpose.


The two team colours must be Red and Blue. If the players cannot agree on who gets which colour, an administrator will randomly pick for them.

No observers are allowed in any tournament games, except for streamers and administrators.(Only the official streamers can demand a spot in the lobby)

Players may not watch or listen to the stream of the tournament while playing.


After a pause the player must inform an administrator immediately about the problem.

If a game is paused without a reasonable explanation such as a technical difficulty the game might result in a forfeit.


If a player deliberately plays for a stalemate, administrators hold the right to decide the outcome of the game.If there is a natural stalemate the game will be replayed.

6.0 Media

By signing up to the tournament a player agrees to be in official interviews and photoshoots.


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