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MajorGiggles' Mini-Tournament #2 (Boomerang Fu Duos)

  • 1 Team
  • Single Elimination
  • Boomerang Fu
  • August 23, 2020 at 9:00 PM PDT
  • 16 Player / 8 Teams Cap; ONLY the Team Captain needs to register
  • Must have a controller to compete
  • Controller must have a reliable connection, PERRY
  • Best-of-1 Complete Game; Single-Elim Progression
  • Games are played 1-at-a-time.
  • Games are hosted by MajorGiggles.
  • Games will be streamed on MajorGiggles' Twitch channel. Co-streams welcome.
  • Anyone can compete
  • Winner receives the notorious HALL OF CHAMPIONS role in Discord. Nothing else. No money. Maybe a virtual high five. Social distance approved.

Discord comms will be done through MajorGIggles' discord. If you're not in it, how'd you get this invite? monkaS. DM MajorGiggles or someone you know in the Discord for a link.

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.