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This is a Partners in Crime Catch and Mass Evolve with 8 slots!

Tournament Structure:

Players PM me (impsilver) to get a randomly selected Pokemon that can evolve into another, excluding Burmy, Caterpie, Combee, Cosmog, Honedge, Kriketot, Magikarp, Scatterbug, Sunkern, Torchic, Tynamo, Type:Null, Weedle, and Wurmple. Sorry bugs. Each player gets two rerolls that they can distribute as they choose, but they must use the rerolled pokemon.

I'll say when to start each round of the tournament. Once you've began the match, please send me the link! The winner of each round gains two  of their opponent's Pokemon (of the winning player's choice)  and then evolves *each* Pokemon on their team if possible. If you're in the finals, don't start the battle until I can advertise your match in Tournaments!


1. Z-Moves are banned in the first round, but Focus Sash, Focus Band, and Eviolite are okay. Similarly, Sturdy is fine.

2. Mega-Evolutions do not count as an evolution, just as an item.

3. When you get a Pokemon that has multiple forms (Pumpkaboo, Sandslash, etc.) you can choose which from you'd like to have. After that, though, that Pokemon's form should stay the same. If a Pokemon evolves into a pokemon with multiple forms but does not itself have corresponding forms (Cubone, Pikachu, etc.), the player that evolves the Pokemon chooses the form, which again stays the same from then on.

4. Each match should be held in the OMotM [Gen 7] Partners in Crime.

5. Scouting is banned! If you're wondering if another game is in-progress or somehow delayed, you can ask me, but don't enter other users' games while in the tour.

Helpful Resource for C&Es:

A bracket preview will be displayed once 2 or more participants are registered.