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ADMW 2-2

  • 9 Players
  • Single Elimination
  • Game not specified


  • The tournament will be played in one stage. Each week you will be assigned a new matchup in your bracket. You will have two weeks to complete each matchup. Extensions will only be granted on a case by case basis. 
  • A tie break looks at the match record between tied participants. For example, if Katherine and Dave are tied based on statistics but Katherine won when they played during the tournament, Katherine wins the tie break. When more than 2 participants are tied, they're ranked by the number of wins each one had against the others. 
    The second stage will be a double elimination tournament. The date to begin will be determined after the first stage is completed.
  • All cards from Academy Forcemaster and Warlord and all sets prior are legal to use. All promotional cards available on OCTGN are also legal.
  • Players will build a spellbook with the standard amount of spellbook points and restrictions.
    Any promotional cards that have been officially released in a set will be considered to read as the official released in a set version

Restrictions And/Or Clarifications

  • Disciple of Radiance Text Change
    Once per round, whenever your Mage casts or reveals a healing spell, Disciple of Radiance may deal 1 direct light damage to a target creature in her zone
  • Casting a Spell - Change to the end of the Pay Costs Step
    Previous wording - If you cannot pay all of the costs, the spell is cancelled and discarded, and you have lost the action.
    New wording -If you cannot pay all of the costs, the spell is cancelled and obliterated, and you have lost the action.
    Everything else remains unchanged about the step
  • Steep Hill
    Steep hill will block Line of Sight if you cast a spell and it goes through two diagonal sections of the zone.
  • Force Pull
    Once per round, the Forcemaster may cast this quick Force spell. Target creature is Pushed 1 zone towards the source of this spell. Will not Push a creature through a wall with the Passage Attacks trait.
  • Trample
    - If a Flying creature attacks a non-Flying object, it loses Flying until the end of the attack.
    - Elusive Creatures can ignore guards when making a Trample Attack
    - Defenses that do not work against Melee attacks cannot be used during the Avoid Attack step, however all other types may be (choosing one during the step following normal rules).


If a player gets disconnected and dropped during a tournament match it will be considered a loss for that player

A judge makes the final call on a rule. Any argumentative discussion that takes an excessive amount of time will receive a warning then if it continues that player will be disqualified.

The Upkeep and Planning phases will be timed. You are allowed 5 minutes (300 seconds) at the start of the planning phase using the in game timer. Judges will regulate the timer - If there is no judge you can agree to not time the match

If you receive a Bye it will be considered a win.

Final Results

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Icon medal second
Icon medal third







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